Kilauea volcano: Flying lava from volcano injures 13 within Hawaii

Kilauea Volcano - Image Courtesy Wikipedia

Flying lava has arranged a tour boat in Hawaii, hurting at least 13 people, state representatives say. An explosion sent rocks plus debris hurtling through the air plus through the roof in the tourist’s ship.

One passenger broke a leg even though others suffered burns. The authorities usually are investigating. The lava is from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano, which erupted in May and has been continuously spewing out natural gas and molten rock like materials ever since.

The explosion left a gaping hole within the roof of the tour fishing boat, which had been taking visitors out and about to view lava plunging to the water. Those injured are being treated within the hospital.

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Some passengers told Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources the fact that the boat was outside a safety zone established by the coastguard.

Representatives have warned of the danger of toxic fumes, created as soon as the molten rock hits the sea and forms hazardous clouds containing hydrochloric acid and glass particles.

Kilauea is usually one of the world’s most lively volcanoes, and its particular eruption has destroyed thousands of homes and compelled thousands to move out.

But until now there had solely been one serious injury, a man whose leg was hit by a projectile of molten rock as he sat on a balcony.

Last week, scientists at the US Geological Survey said the flow of lava had created a new small island

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