The people of Indonesia killed nearly 300 crocodiles in the name of revenge killing

Image Courtesy Wikimedia

A mob associated with villagers has killed nearly 300 crocodile species at a sanctuary for the pets in the Indonesian province of West Papua.

The slaughter was in revenge for a local man considered to have got been killed by one animal in the site.

Officials and police said we were holding not able to stop the assault and may now press charges.

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The killing of a protected species is usually a crime that carries a great or imprisonment in Indonesia.

One neighborhood villager was killed on Friday day while gathering vegetables on farm’s breeding sanctuary for crocodile.

The chief of Indonesia’s Natural Resources Conservation Agency in West Papua said that “An employee heard someone screaming for help, quickly went there and saw a crocodile attacking someone,”

After the end of the funeral on Saturday, several hundred upset locals went to the sanctuary, provided with knives, shovels, hammers.

Many of the local officials said the people at first attacked the officers of the crocodile farm and then went in to slaughter all Two Ninety Two( 292) crocodiles in the sanctuary.

The Crocodile farm was working with a license to reproduce protected crocodiles and along with preservation and harvesting some.