Candidate Conundrum? Attend the Irvine WatchDog City Council Candidate Forum

(Isstories Editorial):- Irvine, Sep 1, 2018 ( – Irvine Watchdog (, a non-partisan Irvine resident coalition that advocates for transparency, accountability, and honesty announces its first ever Irvine City Council Candidate Forum on September 30, 2018, at Irvine High School. Meet & greet candidates starting at 4:30 pm. The forum begins at 5:00 pm and is moderated by renowned Voice of OC founder and journalist Noberto Santana Jr. The Forum will provide Irvine voters an opportunity to meet, question, and hear from candidates on the November ballot for Irvine City Council.

Two City Council seats are open with 12 candidates on the slate. Candidates who have committed to participate in the Irvine WatchDog Forum thus far are the following:

Kev Abazajian
Gang Chen
Lauren Johnson-Norris
Farrah Khan
Liqing Lee
Frank McGill
Carrie OMalley
John Park
Jaci Woods

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Candidates have until September 10, 2018 to RSVP to organizers for a spot at the forum. City Council Candidates, as well as Mayoral and Congressional Candidates are also invited to host campaign tables at 4:30 pm, prior to the start of the Forum.

Irvine is one of the largest and most economically robust cities in Orange County. This race is extremely important to not just Irvine residents but could impact overall dynamics in the County. In moderating for this Forum, I want to ensure fair and unbiased representation for Irvine residents and the community at large, said Noberto Santana Jr., moderator for the event.

Residents must register to attend and/or submit candidate questions at Questions should be focused on issues in the City. Derogatory or questions aimed at attacking any one candidate will be omitted. Questions with similar topics may be combined by organizers, but residents are encouraged to be as specific as possible. The moderator will randomly select a candidates name and question to be answered by a hat. Each candidate has the opportunity to answer three questions.

Our group spent a lot of time designing the question and answer process for this forum. Our goal is for candidates to answer important questions from our residents, as well as give them an equal opportunity to voice their answers. Our forum will give residents the opportunity to see these folks live, interact with them, and engage in forming an educated, informed decision at the ballot box. says Karen Jaffe, volunteer and one of the original founders of Irvine WatchDog.

Candidate statements are available at and video will be posted at the conclusion of the Forum for residents to view. Residents will be encouraged to post comments and questions to further dialog with candidates who choose to reply.

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