Famous game director James Ohlen regret about “Star Wars: The Old Republic”

“Star Wars: The Old Republic” is a multiplayer online game based on the Star Wars universe. The game was released on 20th December 2011. It includes the continuous rise of features, includes a companion system, player housing, and spaceship mission.

The key features of “Star Wars: The Old Republic” game are exploring different world of stars and planets, music, story visuals, you can create your own character (choosing hair, complexion and many more), balance of yourself is needed and you won’t get bored because there are lots of features like space mission, rewards, creation etc. This game was launched with the added advantage which provided a free-to-play option for 11months after it was launched.

In an interview, James Ohlen the master of BioWare worked with RPG studio for 22 years from the start and now he is ending his contract with this studio. Here he shared his regret about the disadvantages of the game “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. He stated that he wished that the game should have its own sensibility rather than following the way and formula of “World of Warcraft”.

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Ohlen also said in the interview that he could have done a much better work in this project. When this game released lot of feedback stated that they wanted Knight of the Old Republic online something which was more of Knights rather than much of traditional features of World of Warcraft sense.

Ohlen with Casey Hudson directed “Knights of the Old Republic “, under his direction the game has created an exciting effect. Ohlen states that whatever is the feedback but still he is proud of “The Old Republic” and “KOTOR”

Ohlen stated that after this Bio-Ware life he wishes to tie up with the former Bio-Ware director Jesse Sky on the book of  “Odyssey of Dragon”. He said that he will love to work on the Star Wars game again. He declared that he is taking a break from this industry but he will be working for something personal and small project.

February 2019 Bio-Ware launches the new game “Anthem” for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.