At Least three Rhino Poachers Eaten by Pride Lions at South African Wildlife Reserve

South Africa Wild National Park Africa Lions Couple

A group comprising of Rhino poachers was eaten by means of a pride of lions in Kenton-on-the-Sea, in accordance to the owner in the South African wildlife reserve in which the unpleasant incident happened.

The remains of exactly what appears to be three bodies were discovered on the Simbuya Game Reserve along with excessive power rifles owner Nick Fox said in a statement. Fox said the poachers mangled is always suspected to eaten by a pride of six to eight lions who were on the particular reservation to protect the vulnerable and highly targeted rhinos who are hunted for their horns.

The poachers entered the reserve using a slew of weapons, including a high-powered rifle using a silencer, an ax, insert cutters and food supplies for assorted days on the nights of July 1 or the particular early hours of July a couple of. Fox, who said the team has had the previous run-in with poachers, said that the particular supplies found are all the hallmarks of a gang intent on killing a rhino and removing their horns. 

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The wildlife reserve’s owners became aware that a thing was wrong when anti-poaching dogs alerted a handler, who next heard a loud commotion approaching from the lions.

Fox mentioned a field guide alerted the particular Anti-Poaching Unit that there were human remains together with poaching weapons nearby the lions before this week. He then notified local authorities and the Association of Eastern Cape Game Reserves.

As of Thursday, it can be not clear how many poachers were killed, as per Fox, nonetheless, local police are investigating.