Music Promotion Club’s Excellent Service Redefining the Fate of Aspiring Artists Globally

(Isstories Editorial):- California City, Jun 14, 2018 ( – Music Promotion Club has turned out into the most effective promotional venue for aspiring as well as established artists in the ever-evolving music industry. The site officially started functioning in 2016 with a vision to provide global exposure to fresh talents and all who found it difficult to create an appealing identity in the web arena. 

There are many solid reasons that helped this venue to become the hotspot for the new breed of artists. The technically designed promotional packages include distribution of press releases in Google news, artists reviews, music blog posts, and interview secessions, video campaigns using YouTube videos and promoting them on various multimedia sites, Youtube display network and partners. All these aspects are listed amongst top priorities for a new artist who wants to make their digital debut. Apart from these outstanding promotional features Music Promotion Club has a skilled team of social media experts who are totally into promoting their artist clients into various social sites. The site has recently celebrated its social media success by reaching 1, 00000 followers.

Music Promotion Club has a proven track record for promoting 1500+ artists from all over the world. All these artists are now celebrity figures in different music and video platforms like SoundCloud, and Youtube and the list is on. I will begin saying a big Thanks to Music Promotion Club for turning me from a newbie star to a celebrated artist on SoundCloud. Being a newcomer in the field I literally wanted to promote my compositions on Soundcloud- an artist reviewed the brand for its unparallel services.

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When it comes to the wide range of packages, Music Promotion Club has very selective yet engineered sets that are solely oriented to provide brilliant promotion to the budding artists. The most preferred option is the SoundCloud promotion weekly package that is a superb way to boost the artist and its Soundclouds ranking. The cutting-edge professionals dedicate at least 3-6 hrs daily behind one artists social sharing, increases interaction, uplifts counts in likes, shares in different sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. These aspects are updated on a weekly basis that keeps an artists virtual presence on the go. This package also provides effective press releases and premium blogs highlighting the artists recent release, achievements and contribution to the music domain.

In terms of email and content marketing, Music Promotion Club has broken every boundary by bridging the gap between artists and listeners. The SoundCloud promotion pack you guys have is great and after couple of days I started getting the exposure. I am really thankful to you guys and continuing the promotion definitely-a new SoundCloud artist shared on Facebook.

Also, Music Promotion Club has recently started their premium package that is aimed to take an artist a step ahead. The brand has also an open option for artists and other music professionals who can customize their own package. For any details and other queries, their cooperative customer care service team is available round the clock at

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