Dubai, customized yachts are the new luxury trends

(Isstories Editorial):- Dubai, Aug 28, 2018 ( – Dubai has always been considered the city of luxury par excellence. It is enough to turn its streets to realize that everything is focused on excellence, from futuristic buildings to fashion, cars, hotels, everything is based on the search for luxury.

Today in Dubai a new trend is emerging: VIPs, wealthy entrepreneurs, CEOs, and sports and movie stars come to the city lately because they want to design and create their dream boat, made in a unique model, exclusively for them.

One of the protagonists of this trend is the Italian Giovanni Sorrentino, one of the yacht designers of the moment, who moved to Dubai for a few years, following the interview performed by Louis Parker.

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Q) Giovanni, why do you choose the Middle East to build and design your own custom boat?

R) First of all because here customer satisfaction is part of the culture. And then because in Europe and USA most of the construction sites have no interest in producing small boats, only for one unit, while here in Dubai it is done for prestige and not to get rich.

Q) How would you define your business?

R) Often I happen to say that “I sell dreams” even if the natural answer should be “I am in the business of boats to offer services to people who require them”. But I like to think of being in the business of “relationships”, offering luxury experiences.

Q) Who are your customers?

R) I have friends, not customers, from all over the world. Actors, entrepreneurs and sports stars who come here to Dubai to choose their dream boat, take the opportunity to take a vacation in a luxurious hotel or celebrate a special occasion.

Q) What are you working on now?

R) In this period I am working on a pair of boats specially designed for the twins Cameron and Tyler Wiklevoss. They are famous for having made a huge fortune in the last few years with Bitcoins.

Q) What is the strangest request you received?

R) Recently, I received a request from an artificial intelligence entrepreneur to create a floating restaurant fully robot-driven.

D) After designing these exclusive models, tailored to the needs of the client, where are the yacth concretely realized?

R) I work with Riviera Boat (, a historical shipyard in the United Arab Emirates that has a large production capacity, enough space and 400 workers on site capable of satisfying my and my clients’ requests.

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