Marriage Counselor Laura Morse, LPC Provides Free Initial Consultation

(Isstories Editorial):- Lancaster, Jul 10, 2018 ( – Laura Morse, LPC, is a professional counselor specializing in couples and sex therapy. She has helped people from all walks of life achieve their personal relationship goals using a variety of evidence and research-based therapies designed to promote intimacy. Morse is offering a free 20-minute consultation for those interested in improving their marriage or improving their romantic life.

My professional training and experience have helped me develop a comprehensive approach to counseling that has produced real results for everyday couples, said Morse. Many times people are nervous about counseling because they are not sure what to expect. This is why the free phone consultation is so helpful. It is a way to be introduced to counseling in a safe, comfortable way.

Morse is offering this special initial consultation to couples and singles alike. Those who strive to communicate more effectively, feel sexually ashamed or dissatisfied, or simply want to try new things in the bedroom with their partner but are not sure where to begin, will benefit from the services offered by Laura Morse, LPC. New clients interested in her helpful therapies will be able to sign up for a free, 20-minute phone consultation online, and then decide if theyd like to continue in person.

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Topics of relationship therapy include:

— Communication without fighting

— Dealing with sexual frustration

— Spicing up things sexually with a partner

— Dealing with compulsive sexual behaviors

— Overcoming sex or porn addiction

— And many other topics dealing with intimacy

Consultation sessions are perfect for anyone who needs a quick answer about relationship counseling, or is thinking about attending regular therapy, but would like to talk to someone on the phone first.

Because Morse specializes in sex therapy, the topics can especially difficult to talk about as many consider them to be taboo. Most people are taught to avoid discussions about sex or to ignore problems in the bedroom. Making a free phone call may seem less intimidating and encourage more people in need to seek help.

There is no shame in looking for counseling of any sort. But, couples counseling, especially when dealing with the topics I cover, can be overwhelming. This is why I encourage the phone interview, said Morse.

Morse is the executive director of the Sun Point Wellness Center in addition to her independent practice focusing on relationship therapy. She has extensive experience and training counseling couples in Lancaster, PA. As a certified counselor, she focuses on helping people overcome relationship obstacles, sexual trauma, and to work through intimacy issues that result from infidelity. She has been working effectively with couples in Lancaster for many years and is pleased to announce she is welcoming new clients to her practice.

Learn more about scheduling a free 20-min. phone consultation online today at


Laura Morse, LPC specializes in couples & sex therapy in downtown Lancaster. She helps everyday professionals achieve their goals. She believes in a collaborative, evidence based approach to therapy.





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