Worlds 1st reusable smart tech straw and cessation app

(Isstories Editorial):- Toronto, Jul 6, 2018 ( – The plastic straw elephant in the room  Plastic straw bans are much like the prohibition of the alcohol era! For the last 70 years we have sucked and sucked on big plastic and fast foods quick fix and toss mentality! To ban straws on a massive social level using the utterance of the plastic pollution scourge is erroneous at best. Straw use is addictive and habit forming, much like smoking that long pull and suck of your favorite liquid beverage! To say, ban and make it a ticket-able offense is like walking down an alleyway anywhere and seeing addiction in its roughest sense. Plastic straws have been a part of the very fabric of fast food culture and is ingrained in the fabric of our cultural DNA, remember your sippy cups! To place such a rigid bylaw and assume that we will abide by the law of NO to plastic in the near term, without viable cessation solutions or alternatives that people will use is woefully wrong.

Peter Scott is founder of the elo smart straw and has created a campaign to address the what, who, when and why issues of plastic straw use and alternatives with an awareness mobile application for cessation using the 1960s Psycho-Cybernetics self-help book. In it, you find you can create or break a habit in just 21+ days. The app uses this logic to push the use the ELO smart straw in replacement of plastic straws anywhere they are served or offered. We need to wean ourselves off the scourge of plastic straw use, BUT this will require time and some mode of cessation much like smoking or any bad addiction or habit. You simply cant state that a cold ice cube will now be your pull from a glass as it hits your teeth! This is not a simple solution. Even economically retailers like bobo straws for bubble tea, thick shake straws and the disabled needs for bendy straws will need solutions and alternatives as we transition to new sustainable options. ELO Labs Inc and ELO, which stands for earth, land and ocean wants to challenge the stigma of plastic straw use and change the bad habits while creating a social community that will work towards sustainable solutions moving forward. To suggest that millions of people in city centers will just drop use and accept paper straws or no straws in the near term is nonsensical. ELO is a reusable metal straw alternative made of light weight food grade anodized aluminum with a mobile cessation application that you use for 21 days. Called the 21 days Challenge to Change. The application is also social and allows sharing during your challenge, while a worldwide straw counter you tap to see real-time straws saved by using an ELO straw. It will take years before fast food, bar, restaurant, food culture can adapt or provide long sustainable solutions. You just cant take a sippy cup away from a baby, why should that be different from a person who has used straws for decades! ELO is there in the near-term to address this.  We can make sustainable changes, but it will take time. ELO is on Kickstarter under smart straw

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Source :Elo Labs Inc.

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