Enya bath Pillow sells its Inflatable Waterproof Pillows on Amazon

(Isstories Editorial):- Bristol, Jun 28, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – Makers of luxurious bath pillow, Enya bath Pillow, announces the launch of the Inflatable Waterproof Pillows on Amazon for head and neck support

Enya Bath Pillow is a new and prominent company that has become famous in a relatively short while, thanks to its luxurious bath pillow designed to help users relax and unwind in their bathtub. The company has announced the launch of its product on Amazon, allowing interested persons across the globe to enjoy luxury in the comfort of their homes.

The Inflatable Waterproof Pillow is created with premium quality materials, using the highest standards to ensure that users get the possible best result. The pillow comes with seven non-slip suction cups to help the elimination of the commonest and irritating pillow slippage problem. The easy to use and install product basically turns an average bathtub into a luxury spa.

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The large inflatable two-panel soft pillow provides a relaxing experience, providing a relaxing experience with neck, head, and shoulders support for everyone. The pillow is also designed using a new technology that ensures that its fits any Jacuzzi, bathtub or spa, and is easy to clean and durable.

Enya bath Pillow has also provided a unique custom designed box that allows for the easy storage of the pillows. The Inflatable Waterproof Pillows have already started to garner positive reviews from users. Perfect stuff! As described. Works great! Super easy to install! Ive been using it for around a week and Im loving it! It dries super fast and its easy to clean! Box is really luxurious says Dominic.

The Inflatable Waterproof Pillows come with a 30-day money back guarantee with the 1-year free replacement warranty and is currently available on Amazon.

About Enya bath Pillow

Enya bath Pillowis a small company run business headquartered in Bristol, United Kingdom. The company was founded in January 2017 and makes the luxurious Enya Bath Pillowfor better enjoyment of lying down in the tub.


Selling this product on Amazon. Here’s the AMAZON link so you can have a look.

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