Launch of International Gender Equality Day Girl Child Development Program

(Isstories Editorial) New Delhi, May 3, 2018 ( – International Gender Equality Day and Oxxy Girl Child Development Program were launched on 16th April 2018 at VigyanBhawan in New Delhi, India in the presence of representatives from different countries like Brazil, UnitedKingdom, Slovenia, Pakistan, Guyana, Ethiopia, Republic of Korea, Maldivesetc.;professionals from multinational companies like Alibaba, Amazon, Microsoft, PwC, Pepsi and members from organisations like World Parliament & WFIT were also present.

Oxxy, the Largest Healthcare Network in India,offered a solution to combat the problemof Gender Inequality in the country by facilitating Rs. 11,000 Fixed Deposit to every Girl Child born in India

The launching of International Gender Equality Day and Oxxy Girl Child Development Program and a day long conference held at VigyanBhawan demonstrated through concrete evidences and data the pervasive nature of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere.Discussions were held on topics like Equal Economic Opportunities, Gender Mainstreaming, Reservation for Women and Violence Against Women.

The panels examined issues related to gender inequality and shared ideas on best practices for reducing the gap. Topics of gender based reservation and measures needed to prevent violence against women were raised. They formulated recommendations to increase womens participation on national level, sharing fair practices and empowering women to increase their economic participation.

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Despite progress in the last few years, it is estimated that countries around the world still have some discriminatory laws in their legal framework. These range from laws that prevent basic rights like education, right to work, dressing up or driving a car. The conference was focused on highlighting inequalities and challenges faced by women; identifying gaps and opportunities for gender equality in 2030 agenda for a progressive and healthier world.


Indias strategy to counter the challenges of Gender Inequality were taken up by Oxxy. Its vision for supporting every Girl Child financially and having a healthier next generation was appreciated by every participant in the event.

Under the initiative, Oxxy Girl Child Development Program, every girl born in the country, whose parents register for the same, will be given Rs.11,000 Fixed Deposit at the time of Birth. This is irrespective of the religion, social status or geographical location of the parents. This program is opened to everyone in the entire country and its absolutely FREE to avail the benefits of this Plan.

This plan is developed with a specific agenda of making the girls financially independent.Its time frames and mode of working are designed keeping a Girl’s need in mind. The girls could use this money judiciously at 18, when they are an adult. It may be used for their education, professional goals or whatever they want to do. The money is for them to enable a better future for themselves and no one else will have any right on it.

According to Pankaj Gupta, FounderOxxy, We have created a Self Sustaining Eco-System. There will be NO financial burden on the Parents.This program is not funded by the government, tax payers or any foreign foundations. The entire facilitation of funds will be made by Oxxy along with its 1,50,000 healthcare network partners.

Oxxy also proposed a free health program for both girls and boys across India. They would be given a lifetime Oxxy Membership Plan to take care of their health.This  plan will be given free of cost. It will help in having a healthier next generation.

By making every girl economically strong, Oxxy is working towards narrowing the gender gap.

Oxxy will educate expecting mothers about the timely tests and precautions as per Global Standards. This will ensure healthier mother and baby post-delivery. As a consequence, it will lead to a sharp decrease in Infant Mortality Rate.

More than 50000 kids are born in India everyday and catering to all of them through Oxxy Girl Child Development Program may make this Worlds Biggest Social Impact Initiative stated Oxxy co-founder SheetalKapoor.

How to enrol for Oxxy Girl Child Development Program [OGCDP]

In this voluntary program, the expecting mom has to register before she is 3 months pregnant. The organisational support shall guide her as per the global recommended tests so that the baby is healthier and mother can also be taken care of. As and when her delivery date arrives, incase of Girl Child, after verification from the health centres, An FD of Rs. 11,000 will be made in the name of the child which may be linked to her adhaar card and bank account. She can access it when she turns 18 without any restrictions. The amount at that time will be much more and depend on the domestic interest rates. This money will help her to be financially strong.

If they register after 3 months, their child will be provided with free Oxxy membership plan for life.

Expecting Mothers, during their pregnancy have to register on Oxxy Health App available on the play store. Details can be taken from, by calling 9999000102 or through Oxxy Health App.

Process Flow

  • Register while pregnant on Oxxy App.
  • Oxxy will guide the expected mother regarding the tests to be taken from time to time. This will be based on global standards.
  • When the Girl Child is born, on verification from the medical centre, Fixed Deposit of Rs. 11,000 will be made in the name of the Girl Child. She can encash this FD when she turns 18. She will get Rs.11000 plus the interest for 18 years. The exact amount will be based on interest rates prevailing as per bank norms during this journey.

Features of the Plan:

  • Valid for Every Indian Citizen regardless of Religion, Social Status or Geographical Location.
  • Parents and the kids have to pay no charges to avail the facility of this plan.

Oxxy is Indias Largest Healthcare Network with over 2,00,000 Health centres spread in 1500 cities. Its prime objective is to help patients with:

  • Transparency – informing the rates of all the tests in their network
  • Affordability – lowering the cost of the tests without compromise on quality
  • Accessibility – informing the location and availability of the health centres nearby

Approx. 25000 girls are born everyday in India. Oxxy Girl Child Development Program insists that having a baby girl is a joy and it should be celebrated. This initiative is First of its kind where any organization has envisioned and taken such an enormous step. Oxxy welcomes any volunteers or supporters who may want to join in any way.

For the event, the panelists comprised of representatives from different countries like Brazil, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Pakistan, Guyana, Ethiopia, Republic of Korea, Maldives etc.; professionals from multinational companies like Alibaba, Amazon, Microsoft, PwC, Pepsi; members from organisations like World Parliament & WFIT; Officials from Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry Law & Justice, Department for Excise & Customs, Direct Benefit Transfer and Police.


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