Biography of Fereidoun Khoshnoud the Greatest Composer and Entrepreneur of Iran

(Isstories Editorial) Tehran, May 3, 2018 ( – Fereidoun Khoshnoud was born on December 15th, 1955 in Tehrans Amirieh neighborhood. From the very early childhood, he had a passion for art, which encouraged the family to enter the music school at the age of seven and earned a diploma to study there. After completing his studies at the Conservatory, music under the supervision of Professor Heshmat Sanjari of the great music musicians of Iran and the director of the Conservatory of Music and the orchestra continued to professionally learn and play piano and compositions.

Fereidoun Khoshnoud liked composing as a teenager by making songs (God why did I fall in love) with the voice of Mahmud Wasfi, and after a few Sabahi, he released his first professional work with Hayedeh (MASTI), and with Readers like Iraj, Ebi, Sattar, Fereydoon Foroughi, Shahram Shabpareh, noosh afarin, Giti, Betty, Nasrin, Shohreh, Homeyra, Mahasti, Leila Forouhar and the famous Emel Sayn Turkic singer have collaborated.

He has written several of the songs in addition to composing the music. He was pleased to enter the university because of his great interest in architecture and building art and he obtained his bachelors degree in civil engineering and continued his second career in construction, and has managed to build dozens of construction projects to this day.

In 1355, a popular referendum between all Iranian composers won the majority and won the first place in composing. In the autumn of 1979, on the eve of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, a remarkable and memorable work called Iran Iran was performed by the voice of Reza Roygari which was recorded as a revolutionary anthem of Iran.

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Fereidoun Khoshnoud then started his collaboration with Alireza Eftekhari, whose product is the collaboration of the production of four albums, which was met with great popularity, then taught and introduced an amateur singer Mohammad Heshmati. Fereidoun Khoshnoud is pleased to have recorded over 400 pieces of music in his compilation record.

He is married to Dr. Maryam Shariatzadeh Joneidi (PhD in Psychology), and has three sons: Farbod Khoshnoud, who is an Associate Professor at California State University, Farhoud Khoshnoud who received his M.S. in IT from the University of London, and Farshad Khoshnoud. Who received his M.S. in IT from the University of London, and Farshad who received his Filmmaking and directing degree from the University of SAE, UK, currently composing, arranging and singing in Tehran, and has released 4 music albums.

Fereidoun Khoshnoud is currently the President of “Panj Barge Honar Co.” IRAN

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