Beau Noir Publishing Announces the Release of our newest Children’s Book “Better Than ME!”

(Isstories Editorial):- Philadelphia, Jun 5, 2018 ( – Beau Noir Publishing is proud to offer Kimberly Albrittons debut childrens book, Better Than ME!.

Better Than ME! is an aspirational story, of a young man who learns, through heartfelt conversations, to be better than those that came before him. Inspired by the Authors son, Better Than ME!, is a book all little boys can love and grow from.

Better Than ME! is about a young boy who admires the adults in his life and aims to be just like them when he grows up. He becomes confused when he’s told to be “Better Than Me.” This is his journey of understanding why he’s encouraged to be “Better.” ~ Kimberly Albritton.

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A Rocky Mount, NC native, Author Kimberly Albritton has turned her love for books into a passion for writing. As a professional and creative writer, she has contributed to anthologies, written for magazines and produced a collection of short stories and poems. 

Better Than ME! Is available in ebook edition and can be found at Print Editions will be available for pre-sale on June 17th 2018 at


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