Nasira Jamal Best Seller Book ‘Life Reset 8 Strategies to Create Personal and Professional Abundance

(Isstories Editorial):- Toronto, Jul 30, 2018 ( – Business growth consultant and bestselling author Nasira Jamal is reissuing her most recent book, previously titled Heal Yourself from the Inside Out: 8 Strategies to Create Personal and Professional Abundance, with a new title, Life Reset: 8 Strategies to Create Personal and Professional Abundance. This new title more closely reflects her books message that life can be completely reset with the right tools to offer health, healing, and happiness.

Nasira Jamal is a life coach who focuses on increasing company profits as well as offering advice in personal development. She teaches clients about the Law of Attraction and the principles of Inspired Action to achieve these ends. She focuses on reconnecting people to their sense of passion and purpose and helping them to create a vision that inspires them into massive action to realize a life of true abundance and joy! In addition, Jamal offers creative counseling and empowerment coaching to help clients change their attitude and approach to life and to build positive thoughts that lead to overall physical and emotional well-being.

According to Jamal, Life Reset presents easy and effective strategies that will help you live your life with intention. You will learn to connect to the power within and experience abundance in all areas of your personal and professional life.

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By renaming and relaunching her book, Jamal focuses her energy and passion on helping clients completely restart their lives for the most positive results.

For a limited time, readers who visit Jamals website at can receive a FREE downloadable copy of Life Reset, a $32 value. For more information, visit the authors website.

About Nasira Jamal

Nasira Jamal is a productivity coach and business consultant, who helps her clients achieve the most successful results. Her new book, Life Reset: 8 Strategies to Create Personal and Professional Abundance, offers advice on how to achieve the right outlook for success in both business and personal endeavors.

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