New U Life’s Groundbreaking HGH gel launches Aug. 2018

(Isstories Editorial):- Sparks, Jun 27, 2018 ( – 14 years ago New U Lifes founder Alex Goldstein began a journey that is about to come to fruition.

Alex has been a force to be reckoned with in the world of natural foods and supplements for the last 25 years. Kick starting his successful career straight out of high school Alex has been helping people by enriching their lives through healthy living. Hes done that by creating four successful companies leading the way as a manufacturer of natural foods, vitamins, and performance supplements. Alex, a Certified Homeopath and Herbalist is about to see his newest company break new ground.

Alex has spent the last 14 years developing the ONLY transdermal, homeopathic, Human Growth Hormone gel that is registered with the FDA and has an NDC # available without prescription.

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In the world of health and wellness, this is actually a very big deal, HGH is a well studied hormone knows as The Master Hormone, it essentially regulates every hormone in the body so hormonal balance/optimization is one of the many benefits of the gel.

Somaderm (known as the gel) is specifically formulated with the proper carriers to transport the Somatropin molecule into the bloodstream. Somatropin is the synthetic form of HGH which is currently only available for supplementation via expensive and potentially dangerous injections.

HGH has been proven to have a number of health benefits for anybody 25 or older because it is what heals and repairs your body, however, although we are born with it, our natural HGH levels decline over time. That decline in HGH is what causes the aging process, in other words, at 21 an injury may take a month to heal, while at 41 it could take much longer due to the lack of HGH.

Supplementing HGH can not only aid the body in healing and hormonal balance, it has been shown to also help with:

Improved sleep (longer quality REM sleep)

Increased Libido, Weight Loss, Increased Energy, Improved Focus and clarity,Muscle mass and strength 

And, according to the 1000s of gel users on both the Mens and the Womens Private Testimonials Facebook Groups, the list doesnt stop there. It truly is fascinating to see how people are reversing the aging process with a daily microdose of HGH.

New U Life has a quick 1 min overview on the gel:

Originally developed for athletes, it is currently being used by bodybuilders, competitive MMA/Jiujitsu fighters (Gracie Family), and Professional Athletes. Not only are they experiencing the health boosts, it does not show up in any testing. Why?

Because the formula is a small microdose of HGH, users (18 and over) are directed to apply 1 drop twice a day 5 days on and 2 days off so that your body does not become dependent. The benefits come from consistent use.  In fact, Alex has noticed that older users (40 and up) feel the benefits within about 10-15 days while younger users (25-35) may take up to 6 weeks to really begin feeling the health benefits. However, the benefits are felt by all and are lasting.

On the other hand, the injectable version of Somatropin (Synthetic HGH) can have a number of side effects because your body can’t handle the large dose of hormones. 

Injections can cost as much as $1000 to a few thousand dollars per month depending on the dose needed and the HGH brand which is why celebrities and athletes are typically the client base.

This is far different.

Somaderm HGH Gel by New U Life :



The companies 14 year journey was a process. Many different iterations of the formula came and went until the right formula was developed. Using the highest quality ingredients, the proper carriers and getting the NDC # issued by the FDA was not an overnight feat. However, it is done and the company is now set to launch in August 2018.

New U Life has not exactly had the smoothest beginings, mostly due to the unprecedented viral growth of the company. Alex decided to launch the company utilizing a Network Marketing Platform which has essentially shut production down.temporarily.

Once users experience the gels many health benefits, they cant help but tell people about it. Its human nature, when something is working for us, we want to share it with others. However, because the key to the gel is continuity, the cost of buying the gel every month became a real issue for most customers

So, New U Life developed a Distributor program that allows for a product discount and a simple path to getting the cost of the gel eliminated completely.

The gel retails for $169.99. Distributors are allowed to sell commercial accounts to store owners who sign an agreement to retail the gel for $169.99 as well. No undercutting on Amazon allowed within the company.

However, since most users are not sales people and because the gel just works, New U Lifes Distributor program is more about sharing your results with others. In fact, due to the viral nature of the gel, the companies Pre-Launch was so successful, they sold out of 1 years supply in 90 days.

The company’s front line members began the Facebook testimonials groups mentioned earlier and those 2 groups show 1000s of real people with actual Facebook profiles using the gel with stunning results. In fact, the company encourages users to track their results with pictures and journals. The brand new company went from 100s of users to just north of 20k users in 3 months.

Their message was simple: Use the gel, tell people about your results, have them buy 1 bottle and check in with them in 3 weeks. Once they begin feeling the benefits they wont want them to stop

So, for $59/year, users can become a Distributor, as a Distributor, your cost for the gel is $149.99 on monthly autoship because consistent use is necessary.

In order to eliminate that cost, simply share your personal results with others and have them try a bottle for 1 month. 

(In Network Marketing this is known as a Binary plan which is considered the most fair because anybody can achieve the minimum requirements and sponsor 2 people to qualify for commissions.)

Sponsor 2 and teach them to do the same once you’ve taught 6 people total to use and share the gel you completely eliminate the cost of the gel….

do it a couple more times and a residual income can be built as well.

In Binary plans every Distributor has the ability to reach the highest pay level (Diamond Ambassador) if they sponsor 2 and teach their sponsors to do the same.

The key is having a high quality, in demand product that people want to use and share…Alex believes New U life’s Somaderm is that product. 

The inventory selling out and unexpected explosive viral growth of the company was a setback, however, Alex who has a Bachelors Degree in Business from Fresno State University, used it as a lesson.

To prepare for the August launch he currently (6/27/2018) has 200,00 bottles stockpiled and will have another 200,000 in about a week or two. Alex now has 4 manufacturing sites and 3 merchant bank accounts for cc processing up and running.  CC payments should be online soon. The company is going to have a 50,000 a month capacity at launch in 4 weeks.

Pre launch Distributors are currently only obligated for the $59/yr cost, new pre launch Distributors wont be billed the $149.99 for the gel until the August launch. After the August Launch, the upfront Distributorship becomes the full $199.

The early Distributors will be the 1st to receive their gel in August.

New U Life has literally created a new way to age.

Backorders being shipped NOW
FDA registered
Real People Real RESULTS

New U Life
The 1st (and ONLY) FDA registered trans-dermal homeopathic HGH Gel



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