Ballroom Dance Academy is Getting Ready to Launch in Montecito September 2018

(Isstories Editorial):- Montecito, Jun 6, 2018 ( – So what happens when two women, both mothers, both entrepreneurs, both artists very passionate about ballroom dance meet, share their passion and experiences?

When Natallia Nathan, dance mom of Elizabeth and Mar De Carlo, ballroom dancer and dance mom of Bella Luna and Taj met nine months ago, little did both women know that they would be launching a ballroom dance academy in their community.

While Santa Barbara offers social ballroom dance lessons, classes and some competitive ones, Mar and Natallia found that the level, structure, organization and quality currently offered in their community leaves much room for improvement.

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Very determined and committed, Mar and Natallia have been traveling three to four hours a few times each week to Los Angeles to get the most out of ballroom dance training and education. After traveling for many months to Los Angeles with young children, both women decided to bring what they were finding in LA back to Santa Barbara.

Mar and Natallia share a strong vision for MBDA and are on a mission to pioneer, grow and support an academic dance sport community where dance performers and competitors are educated and trained for peak performance.

Mar, MBDAs academic director, known for her creative, cutting edge and holistic vision in the many businesses she has established, found an opportunity to deliver her talents and skills to her ballroom dance community. She is excited about the chance to integrate business, health, personal development and much more to the world of ballroom dance education.  

MBDA is planning their grand opening September 2018. While the studio will be offering social and performance dance tracks to support their members needs, MBDAs main focus is bringing Santa Barbara and surrounding communities exceptional and cutting edge academic standards of ballroom dance training for their competitive, artistic and athletic dancers.

MBDAs services include International Latin and Standard, American Rhythm and Smooth group classes, performances, private lessons and competition preparation.

MBDAs academy will offer dancers not only the best understanding and application of technique but will also be providing education and training on nutrition, sleep, physical and mental fitness, relationships, business and communication. Their academy will also include advanced academic training and support for their instructors and staff and will provide their members and instructors with continuing education including workshops, seminars and dance camps.

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About Co-Founders:

Mar De Carlo

Mar De Carlo is a talented Entrepreneur, Artist, Educator, Author, Life & Business Coach, Ballroom Dancer and Mother with a multitude of certifications, training and management under her belt including over twenty-four years experience.

She is known for her creative, cutting edge and holistic vision integrating many systems and approaches in a variety of industries that have touched thousands of lives throughout forty-six countries around the world.

She is the founder of:

International Maternity & Parenting Institute

Association of Professional Sleep Consultants

International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals

Business Sanctuary

Physical Awakening

Most recently she is the Co-Founder of Montecito Ballroom Dance Academy and serves as the companys business advisor, academy director and curriculum developer.

Born and raised in Queens, NY, Mar has been living life to the fullest, working and artistically expressing herself since the age of ten. She calls herself a learning junkie and has pursued over two dozen training programs in a multitude of fields including: health coaching, fitness, yoga instruction, group exercise, personal training, pilates, pregnancy, business, film and radio, performance arts, management, education, psychology, relationship coaching, parent coaching, personal development and dance.

Her creativity and zest for learning and growth led her to successfully develop a variety of international professional online training certification programs in the pregnancy, parenting, health, business yoga and dance industries that integrate all aspects of life and holistic living.

She has overcome countless challenges throughout her life; using each as stepping stones to not only form the person she today but to also help others overcome their challenges in the most practical, holistic, sustainable, inspirational and transformative way.

Mar has been interviewed and published in a number of publications such as US News & World Report, has made a variety of television appearances including Good Morning America.

She enjoys advising and coaching businesses and entrepreneurs, expressing herself through a variety of artistic avenues and developing top notch curriculum programs providing the ultimate learning experience including a powerful gateway for personal, spiritual and social growth.

Natallia Nathan

Born in Vitebsk, Belarus, Natallia Nathan is Co-founder of Montecito Ballroom Dance Academy.

She is an entrepreneur and artist with many years of training and experience. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Belarus in Business as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design.  In addition she holds a Masters Degree in Business and Manufacturing from Central Russian University, RUC, Moscow, Russia.  She founded, opened and operated two coffee shops in Belarus. She’s a Certified Professional Chocolatier and also received training in makeup, hair and costume design.   

Prior to getting married and having children, Natallia has had a tremendous love and appreciation for ballroom dance. After her daughter Elizabeth was born and reached an age to try dancing, Natallia found her daughter was gifted with a special talent so she began supporting her daughter on her ballroom journey.

Natallia is excited and feels honored for the opportunity to bring ballroom dance at an academic level to the community of Santa Barbara.  She enjoys cooking, baking, entertaining and hosting parties. MBDA members and staff are in for a real treat!

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Montecito Ballroom Dance Academy
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