Universal Music Publishing Group Executive seen Attending Smallfoot Movie Premiere

(Isstories Editorial):- Santa Monica, Oct 4, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – One of Universal Musics most engaged executives and top creatives, Leland Yeshua DeWayne, was seen leaving the Warner Bros. Pictures and Zaftig Films world premiere of the new animated musical-comedy Smallfoot, at the Fox Theatre in Westwood, California. The enigmatic high profile executive was photographed late Saturday afternoon on September 22nd, 2018, for what seemed to be a busy few days home for the young professional. Stopping by to support the blue carpet affair, the executive attended the Hollywood opening with hugs for kids of all ages, having watched the film for the first time alongside the children of, even recently-new, Los Angeles residents the LeBron James family; showing his continued love of the future development and betterment of children (Entertainment Weekly).

Smallfoot, starring voiceovers by Channing Tatum, James Corden, Gina Rodriguez, Danny DeVito, Common, Yara Shahidi, LeBron James, Jimmy Tatro, and Zendaya Coleman, is an animated musical long-film written and directed by Karey Kirkpatrick. It brings an inverted look at the popular Yeti myth by challenging the very stereotypes and ideologies of today within a small Yeti community when one Yeti, Migo (voiced by Channing Tatum), spots what he believes to be is a human.

While Smallfoot is a Warner Bros. Studios distributed film, the soundtrack rights are licensed to Capital Records by owner Universal Music Groups in-house publishing company Universal Music Publishing; co-managed by Universal Pictures and Studios in Santa Monica, California.

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Universal Studios has been securing art licensing across all facets of the industry after losing the coveted Michael Jackson Motown catalogue and collections in a 2016 estate sale to rival Japanese company Sony Entertainment. As the technological digital age advances, the battle over publishing royalties persists amongst the entertainment powerhouses. American companies seem to be finding ways to keep pace and even beat this digital-era of distribution, convenient streaming, and online pirating. Openings end with Universal Pictures projects scoring twice in the top three box office results of this past weekend, and Universal Music Group scoring, also, five times in the top five for soundtrack productions in partial thanks to a 2018 licensing deal with Lionsgate Films and Universal. It is safe to say the company is weathering all storms associated with this phonograph to Spotify and film to 4k Ultra tidal wave, as consumers worldwide, look to find entertainment more accessible and at a lower cost. Seemingly, this is all being done despite parent company Vivendi claiming a [resurgence] in the entertainment industry as a whole. The Paris, France mass media conglomerate and current owner of Universal Music Group is looking to sell 50% of their stake in the company to one or more strategic buyers in the next 18 months. This move now leaves ownership of the global music giant up for grabs as the industry heads into the offseason (WSJ).

Lionsgate Films A Simple Favor, and Warner Bros. Pictures The Nun made the top five list for films. CBS/Lionsgate Films Hellfest in the followings for box office ranking results in the September 28-30th opening weekend.

Representatives for the executive said, [he] believes strongly in molding the individual creativity of the companys artists and looks forward to guiding the evolution of music as a whole into the new age.

Leland DeWayne has also been witnessed earlier this year attending the opening screenings for Marvel Studios Avengers: Infinity War and Disney Pictures/Lucas Films Star Wars: A Solo Story. Having begun his professional work in Los Angeles as a sound engineer, through an internship with Universal Music Publishing Group in 2010, DeWayne helped intricately with the transfer of the companys entire music catalog and in the advanced formatting of the new digital housing at the UMG Studio City campus. After the closing of Universal Musics Studio City location, DeWayne relocated to the cozy opportunistic UMG HQ offices working almost effortlessly to secure new licenses as an executive songwriter. His skills in analog audio mastering and variety in surround sound record production make him a prime, go to, for the project manager for many UMPG soundtrack productions.

Correspondents with Los Angeles Hollywood Reporter have publicly informed that, while not often when the executives work does find him at home in his swanky, Hollywood Hills, Californian enclave: he is usually seen during the day hours around Universal Music Headquarters at the 2200 block of Colorado Avenue in central Santa Monica. The executive is also frequently seen at various coffee and cigar shops in the area, such as Lone Wolf Cigar Company & Lounge. TMZ associates have spotted him on various weekday mornings at Santa Monica Pier along with the cities earliest fit-driven beachgoers. However, do not let the upscale professionalism of this workaholic fool you. On weekends at home, he is usually one to be found quietly entertained by a select of his many friends, some of the Hollywood neighborhoods top tier young professionals including; Kendall Jenner, Reign Edwards, and Corinne Foxx.

While away from home his primary focus is geared towards some of his many ongoing world leadership projects such as Los Angeles Industry Ambassador for UNICEF, United Nations Young Leaders Consulate, ASCAP Ambassador to the United States Congress, as well as his engagements in a variety of projects abroad. Universal/NBC News Washington D.C. affiliate confirms, [he] has been involved in many non-profit projects and works closely with a variety of government agencies in the United States and overseas promoting populous welfare through the creative arts.

Recently, Leland DeWayne, was noted as a top contributor for donating an excess of one million dollars U.S., from his own private charity organization, ReTreat Corp. NPO, to the Clara Lionel, Fdn. in a joint effort to bridge the gaps in global childhood education, while attending the organizations annual Diamond Ball. The event was held this year in New York City wrapping up the tail-end of the September fashion week. As a creative, it would appear that his needs to bring manifestation to tangible and intangible arts holds no bounds. L DeWayne was seen leaving Los Angeles the Sunday following the Smallfoot premiere at one of the major cities private airports near Van Nuys, California. Local Los Angeles media has reported, he did so, after spending much of Saturday evening and the following morning far from home in Los Angeles upper Northridge neighborhood. Photographers for the Variety magazine spotted the executive in Milan, Italy the following day attending the 2018 Milan Fashion Week. The executive was seen at many events even partying with supermodel Bella Hadid. He is rumored to be working on a female-oriented clothing line, he calls WifeMaterial, inspired by his views on new millennial dating in his home city of Los Angeles. He is a proud member of the U.S. Faithful Black Men Association, the American Recording Academys MusiCares program, and an active supporter of the now worldwide #MeToo movement. [He] is also a stakeholder and partner in renewable energy technologist Elon Musks Tesla and SpaceX companies (Armani Japan).

The executive also spent some time in Venice and Rome while in Italy which spurred questions for his masses of wondering social media fans back home in California. Twitter fans went into a viral frenzy after being tipped, by a TMZ representative, to the executives very stagnant but public Instagram account. Under the user handle nupacalypse, the exec geotagged a painting with an X watermark at the Vatican government office, shortly after midnight there, local time. (a href=”http://www.instagram.com/nupacalypse” rel=”nofollow noopener” rel=”nofollow noopener”>Instagram: @nupacalypse)


Leland Yeshua DeWayne is known notoriously among Los Angeles community of industry suits and creatives locally in the city. As a prominent creative director who dabbles in almost every inch of the cities entertainment industries, he has worked closely on music concepts, as well as music in film, with artists at the top of Universals catalog; leading the creation of projects for performers including Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, J Cole, Cassie, Rita Ora, Drake, and Demi Lovato, and Nicki Minaj.

Rumored to be a close personal friend of actress Zendaya Coleman, the young executive on many occasions has expressed his upmost desires to Universal Musics chairman of the board at continuing the internal re-departmentalization and restructuring of the companys sub-labels with the possibility of adding the young actress to the music roster and catalogue as a vocal artist next season. Representatives for all parties have declined to confirm the validity of those rumors which are now being made popular by various social media blog sites.

Smallfoot ends the weekend with second place for the film as the box office weekend came to a closing. With the release of the animated films soundtrack, on Opening Friday, seeming to already be bringing in reviews from critics and fans of all ages around the planet (JustJared.com), the executive [hopes] to [see] the animated pictures audio soundtrack reach [a] gold and platinum RIAA certification (status) within the [next] weeks to come (Universal).


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