Cool Joe’s New Music Video ‘NO Stress’ is Incredibly Emotive and Soothing

(Isstories Editorial):- Antwerpen, Sep 14, 2018 ( – Benjamin Kojo Frimpong  in the music world is known by the name Cool Joe. He is a Ghanaian rapper who grew up in Belgium. He first earned recognition for his track Whats Up. His new music video NO Stress has a superb beat. The riff in the music video runs throughout in a hypnotic manner. The rap flow in the music video is quite impressive. The music in the video subtly increases in weight and intensity. The sound in the music video is distinctly different and there is a flawless sense of flow in the music video. The mood in the music video is intense and heavy also.

Cool Joes new music video NO Stress has some unpredictable storyline. The music video has a fresh, enticing, interesting vibe from the start to the end. The music video has an impressive lyricism and memorable hook.  The music video also has an instantly enjoyable and memorable hook. The structure in the music video is well thought out and they are quite interesting.  There is vocal quality is melodious, there are quickness and intensity of the rap, there blissful calmness in the later section of the music video. The passion and the sentiment in the music video are carried out brilliantly. The performance rises and falls in the line with the music which makes it attractive to the audience.

Cool Joes new music video NO Stress has ongoing feelings of possibility which is powerful and there is a sense of hopefulness or optimism which underlines the concept of the video. The presence of energy in the video is immense. If you want to get more updates about his music then follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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