Morpher Flat Folding Helmet – the cool Thanksgiving gift to protect the cyclists in your life

(Isstories Editorial):- London, Sep 17, 2018 ( – A Morpher flat folding helmet will help to keep your loved ones safe when theyre cycling, and when they are not wearing it, it simply folds flat and slips into a bag.  With a Morpher flat folding helmet, being too bulky to carry around all day is no longer an excuse for not wearing a helmet!

And cyclists love them because they make wearing and carrying a helmet so convenient, with no bulky, bowling bowl sized helmets to lug around all day when not in use.

Its the perfect bike helmet for commuters, city bike share scheme users, students and, indeed, absolutely anyone that cycles.

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Morpher helmets open and close in a snap. Morphers clever patented technology ensures it not only offers full safety certified (CPSC) head protection for any cyclist, but it also takes up minimal space when closed. Morpher helmets look great too and come in a range of 5 different colors.

This ingenious cycling helmet, painstakingly developed over more than half a decade, has won many prestigious international awards including the Yahoo Sports Innovation Awards 2018 and has been both Popular Science and Time Magazines invention of the year.

So giving a Morpher folding helmet to the cyclists in your life makes it easy for them to always have a bike helmet at hand.  

And a gift that brings safety is certainly something to be thankful for.

Morpher: The gift of safety.


RRP: $149.00 available from

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Notes to Editors


90% of cyclists admit that they know how dangerous it is not to wear a helmet but they still dont wear one, and an astonishing 83% of these say they wont wear a one because they are inconvenient to carry around when not cycling.


Yahoo Sports Innovation Award 2018

Morpher Helmet has won prestigious awards for innovation and inventions:

iF D+I Award 16

Edison Gold Award

Time Magazine AND Popular Science Invention of the year


Morpher Flatfold helmet perfect for bike share users
Morpher matt black flatfold helmet wwwmorpherhelmetcom
Morpher flatfold helmet slips into a bag
Morpher flatfold helmet wwwmorpherhelmetcom
Source :Folding Helmet Ltd

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