Five Star Resort Offers Innovative Golf and Corporate Wellness Program

(Isstories Editorial):- Gold Coast, Sep 10, 2018 ( – Dr. Travis Gee, a board member of the Australian Counselling Association and former lecturer at a number of universities, is joining the team of wellness and health experts at Oasis Resort Kooralbyn Valley, and he will be providing an innovative approach to counseling. Dr. Gee will be offering to counsel to his patients via a round of golf.

Lots of patients are eager to get out of the consultation room and want to simply get on to the golf course, Dr. Gee said regarding his unique therapeutic method. “Men especially find it easier to sift through problems while engaged in some enjoyable activity, and further help can be targeted based on what comes up on the course.”

In a unique combination of health, medical assessments, wellness, and lifestyle support, the team at Oasis Wellness Resort have designed a special program that caters specifically to the time poor, so that they can have a round of follow up medical appointments to manage chronic health conditions.

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This program is designed by nurses, allied health professionals, and complementary medicine practitioners, and is being scientifically researched by a Ph.D. student, Lori Orford.

Micah Mellalieu, head of the Wellness Spa, has previously worked with many incredibly busy corporate customers, and also celebrities who have extremely high-pressure lifestyles. High pressure, time-poor lifestyles can lead to a series of stress-related health problems, and the team at Oasis Wellness Resort have recognized this as a widespread problem in modern society.

By offering holiday packages where health professionals can help manage patient wellness, and promote health, by working with the patients GP or specialist, this will help create a new concept of medical holidays, where both relaxation and health management can occur in an incredibly relaxed atmosphere. This also helps people who are incredibly time poor and have difficulty getting away from work commitments in order to attend medical appointments.

This corporate wellness program, specifically tailored for executives, managers, professionals, and people in the high-pressure lifestyle, including those in the public eye will provide a dual solution in gaining health and wellness whilst being in a restful, safe and enjoyable environment.

Micah Mellalieu and Meric Woodward son of Lori Orford meditate at Kooralbyn Valley
Micah Mellalieu and Annabelle Woodward on golf cart at Kooralbyn Valley
Micah Mellalieu
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