Decentralized Machine Learning Platform, GNY, Is the First to Launch Utility Token ICO In Jersey, Ch

(Isstories Editorial):- Saint Helier, Sep 11, 2018 ( – GNY achieved two firsts today as it becomes the first decentralized machine learning system on the blockchain as well as the first utility token ICO to launch in Jersey, Channel Islands. The machine learning platform has been refined and extensively tested over the last two years with top insurance, retail, and publishing companies in the US. The launch of GNYs utility token centres on its technical solution for how to decentralize its machine learning platform, and embed it directly into the blockchain. Now businesses of all sizes can take advantage of GNYs state of the art analytic and predictive power by purchasing and using GNY utility tokens.

Technology Overview – Blockchains ability to consistently record data sets, which are reliable and secure, allows for a step change in the ability of machine learnings power. However, until now, harnessing AI for a chain required API calls off-chain, which immediately exposed the data to security risks. GNY answers this challenge by embedding their machine learning software directly on the chain. The proprietary design embeds GNY within each node to create a non-linear network approach to problem-solving and prediction. This milestone engineering achievement represents the first successful union of AI and blockchain technologies.

Strategic positioning – GNY will deploy its ERC20 token in November, allowing users to access the machine learning platform through a pay as you go model. In March, GNY will move from using its ERC20 tokens to its own Dpos Network, built by GNY’s Head of Blockchain Leo Liang, known for his work on Asch. le.GNY will also be deploying multiple sidechains on other networks to bring this artificial intelligence to as many developers as possible. Lisk will see a full functionality sidechain that brings the ML function to projects wanting to deploy this feature on the network. Asch will also see its own industry-leading ML Dapp that also will include cross chain transaction functionality.

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Real Time, Individualized, Predictive Power: GNYs AI platform utilizes a proprietary combination of hundreds of algorithms that can offer individualized solutions. The system is self-learning so it analyzes successes and failures to improve results. For example, GNY can be applied to increase sales or open rates, or it can be targeted defensively to detect waste, fraud, and abuse.  The AI platform has been successfully demonstrated with top retailers, insurance

providers, and publishers in the U.S. as displayed in the Usecase White Paper available on

Scalable Application: GNY has two core business models: open API integration, and custom solutions. For small to mid-sized organizations and independent developers, GNY provides instruction for how to build custom applications that can run GNY through use of the GNY utility token. For larger businesses and select social impact organizations, GNY offers a comprehensive service ranging from data analysis of business goals, standardization of data sets, creating custom GNY applications, and even tailored blockchain construction.

Social Impact Focus A pillar of GNYs commitment to social impact is the Magic Wish Technology Grant which will help select charitable partners to build a custom application on the GNY platform in order to tackle their most ambitious data-driven challenges.  On Friday, August 30th GNY announced that Child Rescue Coalition as their debut partner.

Key Dates

Phase I token Sale – Sept 2018 / Phase II token Sale – October 2018

GNY Universal API – November 2018 / GNY Specialized Support Libraries – December 2018

GNY Crosschain Support Protocols – February 2019 /GNY Centre v. 0.9.8 – March 2019

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