Beauty Tech Brand Encourages Women to Speak Up About their Body Insecurities

(Isstories Editorial):- London, Sep 11, 2018 ( – Beauty brand Assome strongly believes that it is time to talk about body image.  With reports stating that 3% of woman in the UK are totally unhappy with the way they look and 71% claiming that they are extremely unhappy with at least one aspect of their body, the issue needs to be tackled before it gets worse.

We all know that most women do not look like the ones seen in advertising campaigns.  Most women are not young, thin, white, toned, large breasted, big bummed and thin waisted.  So why do we keep comparing ourselves to these unrealistic standards of beauty?

By showcasing a diverse range of women, of all shapes and sizes on their social platforms and getting influencers to share their own insecurities with their followers, Assome has begun a campaign to showcase that women of all shapes and sizes have the same worries and issues.   By providing a platform for these issues to be addressed, Assome intends to help these women face their insecurities.

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Many campaigns attempt to rage against the ‘size zero’ by harking back to Marylin Monroe and her curvaceous sex appeal- but not only is this is another unattainable beauty standard it is also fuelled by the male gaze.  In short, it simply misses the point.   It is not empowering women, but subjecting them to yet another ideal body image.  

Equally telling women that they should love themselves, be happy with what they have and get over it, is also not helping the problem.  Women will not just stop feeling because society tells them that a little bit of fat, cellulite and scarring is ok. Instead, women will stop worrying about their looks when they feel their voices are being heard and when they are judged for what they say instead of how they look.  

For this reason, Assome wants women to acknowledge that having insecurities does not make them worse of a person. Assome wants women to speak freely about their insecurities and their methods to make them feel better.  In a world where society prescribes how women should feel its time to let women describe how they actually feel.

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