Luke Bakhuizen combines his passion for flight, technology, artistry to showcase aerial beauty

(Isstories Editorial):- New South Wales, Sep 9, 2018 ( – Aerial photography is both a science and an art, and Luke Bakhuizen has mastered both. Hes becoming known worldwide for his unique approach to capturing the majesty of an unusual perspective.

Bakhuizens passion for flying gained him a commercial pilots license at the age of 21, and he went on to further his aerial abilities with an advanced paragliding rating and, then,  a drone remote pilot license.

With this one-of-a-kind combination of drone, fixed-wing aircraft, point-of-view paragliding, and digital photography, Bakhuizen works to produce a visually striking film and still photography of remote and exotic adventure destinations around the world.

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What I love most about aerial photography is the ability to capture things from a never-before-seen perspective, Bakhuizen said. Becoming acquainted with the intricacies of handling a drone is part of the creative process. Its the perfect mashup of technology and art; of making the most of a new medium with the goal of creating something that gives a new dimension to landscapes and images so that they can evoke a certain feel which is that of mans primitive yearning for nature as he knows it.

Hes collaborated with Tourism Australia to showcase and provide an in-depth exploration of those landscapes and views that make it one of the most ecologically and geographically diverse locations on Earth, using a combination of drone and digital photography. These videos have gone on to gather over 2.9 million views each.  He has also partnered with Sony to create promotional 4K action camera videos. Projects have taken him from Cape Town, South Africa to Japan.

Bakhuizens passion began as a child in South Africa, where he made photos and films as a hobby. Later, he immigrated to New Zealand, studied to become a pilot, and then moved to Sydney, Australia where he lives today.

He decided to start filmmaking as a career after he began to experience growing exposure on Instagram; Bakhuizen currently has over 160,000 followers on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.


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