Internal Revenue Service (irs) and the Health Care Industry Retribution

(Isstories Editorial):- Fort Myers, Sep 10, 2018 ( – The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a United States government agency responsible for the collection of taxes and for the enforcement of the tax laws. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the total amount of goods and services produced by a nation over a period of time. This is the broadest, most comprehensive and detailed measure of countries economic activities over a period of time.

In the past thirty years, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States has had a shift from the manufacturing industry to the healthcare industry. Within these thirty years, the healthcare industry has had an 11% increase in the GDP of U.S as opposed to the manufacturing industry which has had an 11% decrease in the GDP. This is as a result of the amount that the U.S pays for health care services and the ways in which the country pays for national expenses as regards health care services.

Healthcare industries are very important to citizens of any country as they provide health care services. The health care industry comprises of hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, laboratories, dentists, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and all things related to health. Health care services include; prevention, maintenance, diagnosis and curing of diseases, sicknesses, ailments, injuries: both physical and mental, of any degree, improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle of the people requiring the services of healthcare personnel.

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The IRS thought that because the service providers insurance companies use to pay the bills, that the insurance companies were the customers of these service providers. As regards the health care industry, the insurance companies and its providers made secret deals to pay an amount lower than the amount on the patients bill that should be paid legally; in which the insurance companies make their customers use services from their service providers in the network. Unlike other industrial countries, the U.S has the highest amount spent on health care services this is because the U.S has a free market system that has metamorphosed into an oligopoly thereby increasing the prices of health care services whilst reducing the quality of healthcare services provided. While other industrial countries use a single-payer health care system which the government covers all expenses making their national health care expenditures low. 

The U.S; in relation to other industrial countries, spend more on producing goods because of the amount of money that is spent on health care services. The healthcare expenses are the extra production costs the U.S has over other industrial countries that produce goods. Imagine the amount the U.S spends on health care services are significantly reduced, the cost of production will come down drastically and there will be more money available to the U.S to be shared within other sectors of the economy. The U.S has to follow the trend the other industrial countries are following and have a single-payer health care system to reduce the cost of production and the amount spent on health care services whilst still providing quality health care or even improving the quality of health care services that are currently being provided. If this happens all the money allocated to health care services in business can be redirected to raise salaries of employees or as the employer deems fit. With this, manufacturers should experience a significant decrease in the cost of production.

Trained in following contracts and money in the healthcare industry and having received advanced training at Bell Laboratories as a system analyst, I have successfully changed the Labor Departments Calculations of its Consumer Price Index (CPI) that was based on the amount recorded on the bill of the patient(s) rather than the amount collected for the medical services rendered. I also have a record of all the documents which have been examined by CPA firms, tax lawyers and economists. This process took me twenty-two years. All information is detailed in my book “The Truth About the Healthcare Industry.”

I want to bring to light the huge error made by the IRS thirty-five years ago to the U.S citizens so that they know what is happening and also to ask for something to be done as regards this. The only influence I have is to threaten the IRS that I will file a lawsuit if they do not check their books and amend the problems in the administration of the taxes collected from the healthcare industry. 

Together; with love and respect for ourselves, we can make America great again! 

Source: Roy J.Meidinger, author of The Truth About The Healthcare Industry

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