Kent business in UK first with machine install

(Isstories Editorial):- Crayford, Sep 6, 2018 ( – MP Foil Blocking, the trade print finishing company based in Bexleyheath, is excited to announce the UK first with the arrival of the Lee King LK106MT foil blocking machine.

Following a visit to the USA and rave reviews from machine owners in Portugal and the US, the company opted for the Lee King B1 foil blocking machine ahead of other Chinese and European machines. The LK106MT model runs at a top speed of 6500 when foil blocking and 7500 B1 sheets per hour when due cutting.

The machine will take a lead roll in their foiling department, operating alongside an existing Gietz B2 foiler, two Heidelberg Platen SRA3 foilers, and a Heidelberg Cylinder SRA1 foil blocking machine. All of these machines can also be used for die cutting, embossing, debossing, foil embossing and kiss cutting.

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The machine arrival is perfectly timed ahead of the very busy run up to Christmas when MP Foil Blocking will be producing tens of millions of foil blocked vouchers along with foiled gift card hangers, foil blocked Christmas cards and other non-seasonal foiled items.

This investment at the family business dramatically increases their capacity which will allow for more work to be taken on.

Marketing manager Martin Lett said, The machine is a positive step for the business and will help us increase turnover and capture more market share within the trade foil blocking sector. Its the first brand new machine weve had and we are looking forward to all the benefits that a brand new machine brings.

When asked what was the key driver behind the purchase from China, Lett explained, The Chinese machine offers very similar technical capabilities to the European brands, but offers several hundred thousand pounds of savings. All we had to do is satisfy ourselves that the build quality was up to the job.

The machine purchase was funded through Shire Leasing who have financed MP Foil Blockings previous machine investments.

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