Nader Nadernejad Publishes New Book

(Isstories Editorial):- Toronto, Sep 2, 2018 ( – Nader Nadernejad just published his first book, Start Your Marketing Agency, detailing exactly how he started his marketing agency and how others can do the same.

Nadernejad, 21, is the marketing director of Nadernejad Media, a multimedia producer, and online content creator.

Nadernejad first appeared on television during season one of Canadas Smartest Person on CBC.

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As an online educator with over 16,000 students on Udemy, a leading online learning platform, Nadernejad draws from his experience as an internet marketer.

The entire process of writing a book and self-publishing it is so much fun, says Nadernejad.

Nadernejad says hes already writing his second book, which is about freelance writing.

His third book is also in development, with the cover already made and all his ideas fleshed out.

All of my books are nonfiction, but my third book will tie in a lot of my own personal experiences and I think it has the potential to become a bestseller, says Nadernejad.

He says he plans to self-publish all three books, but that hell try much harder to get his third book into bookstores.

Nadernejad plans to have all three books written and published before January 2019.

I love putting work out there and I never overthink publishing anything. I love to be judged, I love to be challenged and I just cant get enough says Nadernejad

To find out more about Nadernejad, you can visit his online marketing agency.

Source :Nadernejad Media

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