British Hypnotist – Pain Eliminator Brings ‘Breakthrough’ to World for Pain Elimination Day

(Isstories Editorial):- Rochdale, Aug 30, 2018 ( – LOCAL PAIN ELIMINATOR Brings BREAKTHROUGH TO WORLD

Rochdale, Greater Manchester (England) based Hypnotherapy & NLP Practitioner Jonathan Royle who specializes in pain management has been recognized for his talent by Martin Rothery, the U.K. Founder of Future House Therapy Centre and of Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy, a brand new cutting-edge therapy that helps those suffering from pain to think their pain away.

Jonathan Royle, aged 43 of Spotland, Rochdale, Greater Manchester (England) has worked as a Professional Mind Therapy Consultant for fast approaching 30 years had become Britains & possibly the Worlds Youngest Hypnotherapist aged 14 back in 1989.

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In August 2016 he became only the Fourth Hypnotist in the World to ever be inducted into the Hypnosis Hall of Fame by The South African Academy of Hypnosis and is the author of over 20 books and over 100 Home Study DVD Courses on Mind Therapy, NLP & Hypnosis.

He had just been appointed as an Independent Hypnotic Consultant to help, advise and mentor members of the Future House Team and to celebrate will be offering complimentary pain management sessions worldwide via his webpage located at in support of International Pain Elimination Day, taking place on 14th September 2018.

Royle says Pain can be such a debilitating condition and I want to help as many people around the World benefit from my experience as a Hypnotherapist and Pain Management specialist. International Pain Elimination Day will raise money for UNICEF and people will be encouraged to make a small donation for their virtual online treatment session with me.

Royle explains that These virtual online video treatment sessions will last for around 90 minutes and are backed up with complimentary access to a powerful therapeutic MP3 Recording and a downloadable self-help ebook all of which can be claimed at no cost from

Royle Continued
 These resources are suitable for those suffering from Chronic Pain issues such as arthritis, sciatica, back and joint problems, old accidents and more. I will be able to show people how to manage pain by using the power of their thought.

Live events (which will also be free to attend on a donation to Unicef basis) will also be taking place run by Jonathans Colleagues all over the world and details of these can be found in on Social Media outlets.

However, Royle has chosen to provide Free Resources via his webpage in order to help people worldwide who may currently be housebound and unable to attend a live event.

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Interviews = I am also available to give in-depth interviews on how the Power of the Mind can help with Pain issues on or before Pain Elimination Day which takes place on Friday 14th September 2018.

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Hypnotist Jonathan Royle Aims to Rid World of all Pain
NLP Hypnotherapy Consultant Royle to Help International Pain Elimination Day
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