Group Lead by Former Female NFL Coaches Band Together To Drive The Future of Women’s Tackle Football

(Isstories Editorial):- Allen, Aug 27, 2018 ( – Lead by some of the most decorated and respected women in football, The Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC) launches in Spring 2019 with the purposes of highlighting and promoting the highest level of women’s tackle football. 

Odessa Jenkins (Former coaching Intern with Atlanta Falcons), Jen Welter (Former coaching intern with Arizona Cardinals), Collette V. Smith (Former coaching intern NY Jets) and a group of others have banned together to create a league focused on eliminating the “Pay to Play” model for women’s football teams, growing the value of teams, and ultimately women’s football players.

Businessman Bryant Sewall (CEO) is backing the effort, while football powerhouse and USA Football Women’s Representative Kandice Mitchell is leading the charge as the league commissioner.

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“For years, it has been ok to have women and teams solely carry the financial burden to play this sport that countless men and boys have access to for free; without a plan or significant effort to change that dynamic.” – Odessa Jenkins (Chief Operating Officer WNFC).

For the first time in the history of women’s football, teams will be offered a fee-free model, funded instead by Sponsorships, Marketing Revenue, Branding Revenue and Private Investments.

The league is expected to kick off in Spring 2019 with 16 teams.  

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Women’s National Football Conference
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