Plastic – Not a threat anymore

(Isstories Editorial):- Cardiff, Aug 23, 2018 ( – In what could possibly be termed as the deal of the century, the Welsh Inward Investment team managed to get the much-needed confirmation from the promoters of Polycrack, to make Wales their headquarters and the gateway to the UK, rest of Europe, and the Commonwealth and other ASEAN countries.

The Polycrack team duo from Mumbai, India, MR. T Raghavendra Rao, inventor, Polycrack Technology, and Mr. Ritesh Munshi, Global CEO, Polycrack Worldwide Ltd., met with senior representatives of City of Cardiff council, Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council, and Newport council, during their recent visit that concluded in the second week of August 2018.

The inward investment team lead by Mr. Andrew Gwatkins, and colleagues, Ms. Helen Donovan, Ms. Julie Russel and Ms. Fiona Rodrigues, are the architects of this development, and have been arduously working for over three years towards getting Polycrack to make Wales, UK as their base.

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We are delighted to have met with the various council members during our trip and also visited recycling facilities and a few places as well. We are positive that we shall freeze on a county pretty soon. At the moment, I would say, Blaenau Gwent looks promising, announced Mr Ritesh Munshi.

The prominent features of Polycrack Worldwide Ltd. establishing headquarters in Wales:

  • Polycrack is a landmark product that will help countries the world over to reform waste plastics into usable fuel.
  • The facility in Wales will be established in the next 1-2 years.
  • In the next 5-7 years, this will potentially generate direct employment for over 2000-3000 people, and indirect employment for over 8000-10000 people, in Wales,
  • Polycrack will thus add significantly to the GDP of Wales.
  • Once the technology starts attracting global attention, the spotlight will be on Wales as the preferred manufacturing destination.

The Plastic Threat: Plastic waste, that now looms large as a global nuisance, is the reason several countries have come together to tackle the menace that pollutes the oceans and poses a threat to marine life.

Plastic, by itself, is not the problem, explains Mr. Rao, in fact, it is a boon that preserves the natural resources available to us. It is the Plastic waste management,  disposal, and treatment of the end of life cycle plastic that is the most challenging part.

He further adds, Almost 10 years ago, we read a piece of news about a cow having ingested plastic, because of which she lost her life! That was when we recognized the problems faced by the municipalities, MRF’s and plastic recyclers. That was a huge wake-up call, and we took it upon ourselves as a mission to find the best solution that would allow us to reform waste plastic into usable energy and create a circular economic solution without having to disrupt the plastic manufacturing industry and the plethora of benefits that plastic brings to us.

About Polycrack Technology: Patented in the USA, Polycrack Technology, developed by the Indian award-winning inventor, Mr T Raghavendra Rao, is the worlds first heterogeneous catalytic process, that helps in reforming plastic and other wastes containing hydrogen and carbon in to useful products, viz., Red Diesel, Coal, Gas and water all, on the very same day as generated, leaving nothing to be processed the next day.

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