From Deep Within: A Forensic – Clinical Psychologist’s Journey

(Isstories Editorial):- Hollister, Aug 24, 2018 ( – The author invites readers on a journey with the mentally ill. All without a voice. All driven by their inner demons. Bella, Ellen, Erin, and others share their innermost secrets with the author.

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  • Beautifully written, compelling, filled with empathy; it is easy to get lost in the lives of these clients.
  • A catalyst for the most challenging clientsa commitment that shines through the book.
  • This book is both engaging and challenging; the authors compassion and deep connection with her patients is obvious even though they are difficult and their situations impossible.

Enter the dialogue! Open to the first page! You wont step away!

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Susan J. Lewis, Ph.D., J.D., is a multi-credentials mental health professional with the unique combination of licensed psychologist, forensic psychologist, and attorney. She has 25 years of experience in clinical practice with unique populations who suffer from severe and persistent mental illness. Dr. Lewis is a sought-after consultant, and as a national seminar instructor, she trains hundreds of mental health professional each year.

Each morning when I entered the building and went to the bank of elevators, I passed a desk with a corrections officer sitting watch. The officers were assigned to safeguard staff and patients. Seeing a familiar face daily was comforting to me and gave me a semblance of normalcy, but only a semblance.

Hey, doc, you got a parking ticket? an officer would say with professed bravado. Let me talk to a friend in the police department.

The normalcy of an adult conversation was reassuring in contrast to the crazy conversations I sometimes heard on the units. Whenever violence broke out on a unit, an alarm sounded, and the loud speakers would summon the officers. The officers, however, were no more trained than the staff in managing out-of-control assaultive behaviors, and they often ended up turning to the staff for guidance. It was the blind leading the blind.-excerpt fromFrom Deep Within


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