Courageous Editor Weiyang Li Shines Light on the Crime of Child Trafficking

(Isstories Editorial):- Hollywood, Aug 21, 2018 ( – Weiyang Li is a film professional that is willing to take on tough subjects when it comes to movie editing. In fact, he honed his craft at the prestigious Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and later earned an MFA from Loyola Marymount to pursue his dream of making movies about important social issues. His recent work editing the feature film A Childs Voice is an outstanding expression of this talented editors storytelling skills.

A Childs Voice is a supernatural thriller that delivers a powerful social message. The focus of the film is the taboo, undercover world of child trafficking. Viewers are calling the film powerful because it compassionately shines a spotlight on a subject so many prefer to ignore. For Li, it was worth tackling the painful subject of child abuse in pursuit of justice.

This was a tough film to help edit and put my name on, said Li, however, I understand the importance of bringing this topic to light and helping more people understand the terrible things that could possibly happen under the right circumstances. I want to help people, and this is why I took the editing role.

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The commentary the film has garnered on its various links is a testament to the story. Lis expert editing skills helped carry the story to the audience, making the viewer feel a deep, personal connection with the characters in the film. As one viewer stated, A Child’s Voice is a thought-provoking film with nuances of truth sparkling throughout the darkness. Although sometimes hard to watch it drives you on and delights the saddened heart. Child trafficking is a horrible thing. This movie brings it to light in an easily digestible way for the person who is just becoming aware.

Li takes pride in what he has accomplished as leading editor on A Childs Voice, and the film has been well received by critics. He was quickly sought out to contribute his professional talents to two additional feature films that address social issues. Li took the position of lead editor on Bang! Bang!, a film about gun violence, and Jeremy Dreams for Scott which explores the problems of schizophrenia among todays youth. In much the same vein as A Childs Voice, Lis talent in the editing room shines throughout these productions.

The types of projects Li is editing are part of an overall plan he is hoping will come to fruition. The filmmaker says he is passionate about working on pictures with the potential to influence society and encourage changes within individuals to help fight injustice and speak for the voiceless.

I try to express human truth with every cut I make, and every take I choose, said Li.

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