Pashmina Brasil, a one stop ”lembrancinha” shop in Sao Paulo

(Isstories Editorial):- Sao Paulo, Aug 16, 2018 ( – Pashmina Brasil is a store in São Paulo hosting the most famous blog of pashminas and shawls in the country, which specializes in tips for brides, bridesmaids, guests, and parties. It does not only provide fashion advice for weddings, the blog also gives tips on how to use pashminas for decoration, a growing trend.

Made in viscose, the accessory can be worn year-round. The beautiful pashminas transform the look bringing elegance to any look, day or night, beach or party. Pashmina Brazil despite having its name directly related to this classic accessory also provides Indian items such as beach shawls and pareos, known in Latin America as ”cangas”. These designs can be found in both solid colors and in prints, and all of them are gorgeous and fashionable.

The pashminas are made of viscose, while the cangas are made from polyester fabric, and are the darling of the brides in the colors off white, light pink and caramel.

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Beside providing pashminas in a great variety of shades and colors, they guide clients step-by-step on how to display it and gift, often wrapped with decorative flowers and laces. Brazilian brides love to present this accessory as a symbol of gratitude and elegance to the guests and bridesmaids and Pashmina Brasil provides accessible wholesale to those brides, known as atacado de pashminas”. The history of Pashmina Brazil began a few years ago when the idealizer, Adriana, was impressed by the beauty of the pashminas during a trip to Dubai. “I fell in love with the delicacy and versatility of scarves that are widely used in the Middle East and India. Especially because they work for all kinds of climates and occasions. ” Pashminas are used in all cultures, in the West it became popular during the 1950s, it became a trend again in the 1990s, and recently the pashminas are seen in celebrities and events. Originally created in Asia in the mid-1660s it nowadays has many names but the pashmina and the word used for shawls in India, and are produced in a wide variety of fabrics, from cashmere to viscose and some types of wool. Ladakhiforam cashmere pashminas have recently been banned due to the extinction of this type of animal, but there is no problem in Brazil since they are in viscose: “Our pashminas are made in viscose for their softness and durability. With my travels I learned that viscose has become one of the best fabrics for the production of shawls, scarves, and pashminas due to the fact that it works for all climates, making it the ideal fabric for Brazilian women. Check out the colors and tips on Pashmina Brasil website.

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