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(Isstories Editorial):- Los Angeles, Aug 16, 2018 ( – P-arasteh, a blogger site for everybody has now launched their writing article services together with news, short stories, video submission, and guest posting. From the categories Adventure, Food, Marketing to NSFW and Travel, the platform covers it all.

The process of blog submission involves publishing informational articles to online blog directories. Through blog directories, it means websites which gather collections of articles and blogs on different topics. Informational materials dont promote anyones business directly, but they can present readers with helpful information from ones field of work if required.

P-arastehs blogging platforms allow every aspiring blogger to create their content and publish it on the website. The platform presents a well-versed and structured together with highly effective structured link building solutions through guest posting.

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P-arasteh is one of those writing article platforms which enables a person to include links in the article they submitted so they can direct to their blogs. When a person writes articles with content associated with their services or products, one can indirectly advertise their products.

Their market reach is exceptionally high as well since they establish new relationships on a continuous basis and reach out to other website owners running high-quality blogs and blogger sites. Some of the benefits a potential blogger can receive from P-arasteh includes:

The good thing about P-arasteh is that when the articles are good enough and are picked by website owners to post in their blogs, it automatically establishes a viral content effect for the article. The article can be then republished virally all over the internet with backlinks to the blog and their personal advertisement in the author bio box.

Making a blog accessible on directories like P-arasteh makes it simpler to find for visitors who are interested in what content a user has to offer. They will have all the means to directly compare other blogs in the similar field to the users.

When users add their blog to P-arasteh, their respective brand name would gain reputation, and their content will get viral. The blog submission site sends streams of people to the users blog, and search engines pick up on the significance of their blog via considering backlinks from the directories. Then, it sends more traffic to the users site. Now, as more people flock to the users site, the recognition and reputation of the users blog will increase as well.

About P-arasteh:

P-arasteh is a blogging site that provides an easy and simple way to search for blogs which attract visitors but who dont wish to bother with searching individual blogs on search engines. The platform presents a list of categories where one can specify what type of content they are creating, making it simple for future visitors who are searching for the content which they produce to find the blog.

For more information about P-arasteh, visit the website at or email Para Uryg at
The best blogger blog site for everyone that allows writing articles, blogs or short stories, audio video submissions together with creating, voting and polls etc.


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