It’s time to ditch the plastic and paper straw idea!

(Isstories Editorial):- New York, Aug 15, 2018 ( – ELO Smart Straws, are the world’s first branded aluminum reusable straws, a Canadian startup. The business model stemming from the current global straw ban movement.  ELO is offering up a branded straw that was developed to create and curate a first straw alternative iteration of the possible sustainable straw solutions that could actually impact 500+ million plastic straw scourge filling our planet! ELO straws like any straw alternatives is a reasonable and immediate option today! The media’s coverage should turn to reusable straws. Forget the notion of 500 million paper straws to replace 500 million plastic straws. The success of the straw ban movement is gaining eyeballs and is winning! albeit without dialogue surrounding the grand solution or its interim offering!

Total abstinence of straw use in our lives is somewhat suspect, which resonates throughout the arc of most straw ban articles angle! The world is immersed in the discussion. If this charge is the first step in disruption of our habitual use of plastic single-use convenience, then we must look beyond the blame game of corporation’s fast plastic convenience culture and look inwards to find the long tail solution.

Can we accept the idea to reduce plastic burden packaging and all that comes with it and bring our own utensils and tools! The blame game of big plastic will not resolve the trillions of straws or spoons, lids and cups until it becomes an “I” can change my habitual habits!

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 The idea of no straws is rather callous, this same push against all other plastics on the block will have the same problems moving beyond our glorious plastic straw vanguard! We have had straws in our lives for 70+ years. They are required for so many reasons, as our beverage habits, from thick shakes, ice cold soft drinks, specialty teas, warm coffees and textured bevies that fulfill our insatiable right to drink! A reusable straw can be an excellent replacement to an otherwise messy problem. That is where the discussion should pivot towards. What can we replace with sustainable options?  Can we carry our own drinking tools, or have backups at home or work?

The more you practice doing something, the less effort it takes. Peter Scott founder of ELO smart straws is building upon that mantra! Having created the worlds 1st bad habit mobile app that challenges users to a 21-day regiment of bringing his ELO reusable metal straw with you! The app is a reminder that pings the user at different times in the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) to remember your ELO straw. It was created based on science that states that it can 21 days to build up or break a habit! The app is also interactive providing a worldwide straw tracker that counts the number of straws being saved using the ELO alternative and provides positive affirmations and environmental factoids, you then share with photos socially.

A single ELO straw can save 548 plastic/paper straws annually on average. A paper coated straw replacement is also not necessarily great either! 500 million paper straws dont eliminate waste, rather the energy output to manufacture them is 5 times the output to produce and recycle. So, there is a heavy cost on both ends of this straw ban push.

The idea of carrying reusable items is not a new idea! Its changing the mindset that is the hurdle. We didnt think 20 years ago that we would have a 3 by 5-inch communication smartphone in our pocket! But we carry it with us, so why not a straw a little longer than a pen. In order to reach critical mass and shifting the dialogue is ELOs 1 million straw pledge that replaces 548 million straws, basically 1 days straw use but its a start and can carry the message forward. Now on Kickstarter here

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Source :Elo Labs Inc.

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