New Book Exposes Controversial Events That Led To Donald Trump’s Presidency

(Isstories Editorial):- Daytona Beach, Aug 14, 2018 ( – Civil rights activist Dr L. Ronald Durham recently published his third book, A Cauldron Of Chaos: The Deliberate Dismantling Of America on Amazon. Available both as an eBook and paperback, A Cauldron of Chaos takes a closer look at specific events that occurred leading up to the United States 2016 Presidential Election, who engineered them, and how they may have influenced the American people and spurred President Trumps nomination.

With the midterms looming on the horizon, and 470 seats to be contested between the United States House of Representatives and The Senate, unearthing certain buried truths could be the key to a midterm Democratic victory. However, Americans keeping a close eye on the Mueller Investigation and whether there is evidence of Russian interference with the last election may be missing several crucial pieces of information that have either been buried or outright ignored by the media.

In his book, Dr Durham provides a thorough analysis of the Trump Phenomenon deep-diving into President Trumps pivot from reality TV into politics, and how he reinvented himself to hide personal and professional failings and fill one of the worlds most powerful positions. It also speculates on what Americans can expect during the midterms and the journey onwards to 2020.

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I think its clear that terrifying external forces helped shape the outcome of this election, said Dr Durham. What surprises me is just how much President Trump has managed to let slip under the radar of the general public. I think this is a book every American concerned about the state of our government and its policies should read, not just to see how this happened, but to ensure that it never happens again.

Dr L. Ronald Durham is a published author, civil right activist, radio host, and pastor from Daytona Beach, Florida. He has worked with public figures like Rev. Al Sharpton to organize events affecting the African-American community and currently serves as President of the Volusia County Democratic Black Caucus.

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