Scientists Provide Easy Method to Reduce Knee, Back and Hip Pain with Nordic Walking

(Isstories Editorial):- New York, Aug 13, 2018 ( – In this golden era of fitness where people want to stay healthy and fit, new ways of exercising and working out have gained huge importance. Nordic Walking (NW), walking with 2 poles,  is one popular type of walking technique that is regarded as a fun sport. Although this particular form of walking is especially prevalent amongst tracking enthusiasts it has also proven beneficial, among people with Parkinsonism, chronic heart disease, chronic lung disease, leg pain due to poor circulation in the legs, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and obesity.Because you use both the arms as well as the legs in NW you use the muscles in the upper body and therefore burn about  40% more calories with NW than with regular walking which only uses the legs.

Recently, very significant benefits of NW have been disclosed by renowned medical experts and scientists in a research study from Israel.   Dr Donald S.Silverberg of the Department of Medicine, Tel Aviv Medical Centre (retired), AlexanderPrejserowicz, an instructor in  NW, and Dr Craig Goodman, a psychologist, revealed how NW greatly reduced low back, hip and/or knee pain on walking and significantly increased the distance these people were able to walk. This was published in a peer-reviewed international journal. The results of the study were confirmed after conducting an uncontrolled community-based research that highlighted the effects of NW on pain on walking and on the distance they were able to walk.

The main reason for the pain reduction is that the poles used for NW carry some of the body weight with each step, which means that the poles take a great deal of pressure off the spine, back, hips and knees while standing or walking, something that does not happen with ordinary walking. This causes less pain. The poles also help improve the posture and increase the muscle strength in the upper body(because the arms are working hard as well as the legs) and these also help relieve the pain. None of this occurs with ordinary walking.

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The research sample of Dr Silverberg and his group was100 volunteers 60 years of age and over from the community with pain in the lower back, hips and /or knees which had been present for an average of more than 11 years and had been resistant to all forms of medical treatment. A Visual Analogue Scale was used in their study to measure the severity of the pain. The research was conducted for 12 weeks, and 91% of these volunteers experienced less pain and increased walking distance. In most participants the improvement was rapid and marked, often occurring within a few minutes of starting to use them No health professional had ever recommended NW to any one of them.

These results demonstrate that NW provides an effective treatment for these problems, and thus offers a ray of hope to adults wishing to remain active, with this inexpensive yet fun-filled and easy-to-learn therapy.  NW should be taught by a trained instructor and usually only takes a half-to-one hour to learn. Read the full article here


Easy Method to Reduce Knee Back and Hip Pain
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