Rising Rap Genius Kidd Cutta is the New YouTube Sensation with His Single ‘All This Hatin’

(Isstories Editorial):- New York, Aug 7, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – The hip hop and rap industry is constituted of many aspiring rappers who have chosen the profession not only because they are good at the art. But their bitter life incidents have stimulated them to spit out the bitter memories in the form of rap stories. One new artist cum rising rap star who is setting new dimension for the upcoming breed of rappers is Kidd Cutta from Norfolk, Virginia. This passionate rapper has very harsh memories of his past life that has compelled him to choose the rapping art form. He has written the rap stories after getting effected from his personal life and the hurdles he has faced to earn respect. By now the artist has dropped good number of tracks on SoundCloud but the one that his talking him to the next level is All This Hatin, now out on SoundCloud.

Kidd Cutta is a self-made artist and has gained popularity on his own terms. When it comes to his versatile qualities, he has a very attractive personality powered with the perfect vocal texture needed for rapping. The track All This Hatin features another beautiful female vocalist. The track has a great opening still visual that delivers a message that the world is loaded with very negative entities who speak negative things about others. But all these hatings must not harm anyones activity. Kidd Cuttas rap narration is what makes the track more edgy and will compel music lovers to stay hooked to this YouTube video. Currently Kidd Cutta is working on various other projects that are soon going to be available on YouTube and other digital platforms. Kidd Has successfully attained positive reviews from global fans and hip hop lovers. 

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