North Carolina Rap Artist Je Hussells New Release Ko’KainKamel Toes

(Isstories Editorial):- Greensboro, Aug 3, 2018 ( – Wayne Quick (born November 8, 1985) known professionally as Je Hussells (stylized as JAY-Hustles), better known as Jungle,  is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, graphic artist, and entrepreneur. He is one of the world’s most talented minds, and one of the most acclaimed rappers of his generation and is on the rise.

Raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, Je Hussells began his musical career in the late 90s. Attending James B Dudley High School, Jai Doby (Jai Quay), JarenDoby( J Himself), Craig Boykin (P), and Wayne Quick (Jungle) formed the rap group known as Official. Coming together with a group called Combinations, they would release the first high school mixtape in the city called Official Combinations (2000). Jungle was a student at Weaver Academy being fully involved in the academy’s Music Production program. Years would past before Je released any music. Attending Appalachian State University, he would start his next project. After creating the record label Out Of Here Records LLC with Ryan Greene (2005), he released his debut mixtape, College Hustle, selling it locally with no widespread critical and commercial success. “The main focus was always success never fame.”


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Je would pursue all ventures connected to the development of an artist and record label. He realized that talent meant nothing in a world controlled by marketing and advertisement. Hussell’s would Co-Found the Commission Entertainment company with friends from NCA&T. Every day his soul purpose was to understand the market by becoming apart of it. Being a spectator while being apart of the very thing that was under analysis. “Music is my art form but rap is a competition. Rapping is a sport. At some point it became more important to entertain the major buying market then to illustrate ones skills. “


He released his second mixtape, The Immaculate Conception, in 2015 while founding the media company, Syndicate International Media Corporation. Armed with in field experience, raw talent, and with music trends changing he decided not to promote the mixtape and only use it as a marker from the point he would move forward. Je Hussells would learn photography, graphic design web design, digital marketing, and social media gorilla marketing. Taking time to master each, he would create the foundation for his corporation, that embodied Out Of Here Records, The Syndicate International Media, The Fetch, Hue, Windered Magazine, and The Black College

 Year Book.


2018, is the year of his most esteem musical project. Challenging all forms and styles of the hip-hop genre. Taking his ability to another level, he has created a sound yet to be heard. KoKainKamel Toes, now available online, is the next project in this epic tale. Je Hussells business acumen and life outside of music has also received significant attention. He is the owner of Syndicate International Media Corporation, Windered Magazine, Black College Year Book, and the Hue clothing line. He has also acted as the president of The Fleek Magazine, and is the founder of Just entertainment company.


About the Company

Influences Je Hussells, says his earliest exposure to music was through his uncle Mel’s tape collection, which was mostly of 90 hip-hip and R&B. He says “I grew up around musicians, actors and dancers. I listen to all types of music and to find the art in it… I’m into music that display the soul and character of the creator.  Whether it be rap, R&B, pop music, etc. As long as I can feel their display of art through the sound, Im all hears.”  He often uses excerpts from the 90s in his work, particularly on KoKainKamel Toes.

Rapping Technique

Je Hussells uses ‘rhythmic pause’ to provide a foundation to his style and he uses ‘half rhyme’ to add more rhythm to a verse. Je Hussells’s style can be described as a compiled and broken iambic pentameter, like Shakespeare, referring to the rhythms and vocal delivery. He is also known to write lyrics in his head, a style popular with many MCs such as The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z. Je Hussells performance style is the most electrifying, intense, and acrobatic display put on by a rapper and it keeps the audience interested and entertained”.

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