Francesca Bandini to launch new Italian language courses

(Isstories Editorial):- Southampton, Jul 29, 2018 ( – Francesca Bandini is an independent Italian class provider that is passionate her country and teaching the world the Italian language and culture as a whole. The Italian native speaker has been living in England, Southampton in particular, for almost half a decade, following her passion for helping people to learn the language and to travel to the country in comfort. As part of her goals of helping people that want to learn Italian, Francesca has announced that she will be launching two new Italian courses designed beginners in September, 2018.

Francesca currently runs Italian classes Southampton, which run all through the year. The Italian course Southampton is designed to ensure students learn vocabulary and useful expressions that can be used when traveling to Italy, while also having an insight into the Italian culture. The course also provides an opportunity for students to socialise with like minded people, with each course entailing a couple of extra class activities such as an Italian aperitif.

The new evening classes Italian are designed for absolute beginners, with a deliberate focus on adults. There are two locations for the course as highlighted below.

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  • Beginner Course at the Central Library: every Monday 5.30 6.30 pm starting from the 10 September 2018
  • Beginner Course at the Taunton College: every Tuesday 7-8 pm starting from the 11 September 2018

Each course will last for 12 weeks, costing £150, which includes the course book.

There is also a Pre-Intermediate Course (at the Taunton College: every Thursday 6.30 8 pm starting from the 13 September 2018) for persons that are already familiar with the language.

The teacher, Francesca, also offers Italian private lessons, which have become extremely popular in recent times.

More information about the course and how to sign up can be found on the website.

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