NOA AON’s Music Pieces Offer Pure Bliss To Music Enthusiasts

(Isstories Editorial):- Atlanta, Jul 25, 2018 ( – Today NOA|AON has become the word of every mouth and the reason is its rejuvenating multi-genre compositions mixed and mastered by DJ Pavel, the man behind this eternal concept. Be it looking for fitness music, meditation tracks or club bangers, NOA|AONs SoundCloud profile is the one-stop destination that fulfills every desire of music lovers. Amongst his recent compositions, Hawaii 78 Radio Version is now out for streaming.

DJ Pavel is one such personality who composes his tracks taking inspiration of his lifes journey, personal experience and the passion for presenting something new to listeners.  Although he is a celebrity figure, he is very humble and positive and these qualities are reflected in his tracks. The track Hawaii has two versions- Hawaii 78 Introduction and Hawaii 78 Radio version. Through this track DJ Pavel dedicated his love and respect for the place Hawaii where he has spent a significant period of his life. His chose Israel Kamakawiwooles track and recreated it in his own version. Hawaii 78 Radio Version is blended with pop music elements that differ from the other version, where DJ Pavel made optimum use of deep house elements.

When it comes to compose workout or meditation music, no one can top the beat-making skills of DJ Pavel. NOA|AON gallery is loaded with different workout mixes amongst which the new add on is #noamovement Volume 18 Yoga Edition for FitRadio.   This relaxing one hour long set consistently boosts yoga practitioners with its intricate ambient sounds. Another amazing Dance & EDM set from the series is #NOAMOVEMENT Volume 12 that proves DJ Pavels versatility at its best. Last but not the least, the stress- buster track Ignition Cover Song where DJ Pavel has teamed up with Richie Nuzz & Jon Kunis is buzzing on SoundCloud. For more, stay tuned to SoundCloud and follow NOA|AON in Instagram, YouTube and other digital platforms.

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