New Concise, Valuable Resource for Medical – Dental Tourism Startups from Maria Todd

(Isstories Editorial):- Saint George, Jul 24, 2018 ( – Globally-renowned expert and influencer in the medical and dental tourism industry, Dr. Maria Todd released her 20th book title, MEDICAL & DENTAL TOURISM BUSINESS STARTUP: Checklists, Pricing, Marketing & More on Amazon’s Kindle Publishing Platform, yesterday. 

Todd explains that the reason she wrote this book because she wanted to get this critical information, insight, her master startup checklist and international marketing strategies to new #medicaltourism and #dentaltourism #startups with “startup capital scarcity”.

“So many call upon me to help with these insights and provide guidance, but they just don’t have the startup capital to hire a U.S. based consultant. And frankly, they aren’t sure they want to invest the money, even if they do,” she explains. Each week, I receive calls and emails asking for guidance, or a critique on a business plan, or to diagnose why they aren’t getting traction from the international marketplace. With the clients she already serves on monthly consulting retainers, her time is claimed long in advance. The information she shares in this concise and valuable resource is something they can pore over, referring back to it as many times as necessary, to plan, launch and market their new medical or dental tourism service line without wasting any of their startup capital.

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Todd priced this book for the masses.

According to media headlines, “the Global Medical Tourism Market was worth USD 19.7 billion in 2016 and estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 18.8%, to reach USD 46.6 billion by 2021.”  At that size, if the claims are true, every healthcare professional or executive interested in medical or dental tourism, (especially doctors, dentists and hospital and clinic administrators and their investors) can afford the price of this book to investigate what’s involved and the steps they must take to successfully plan, launch and market their medical or dental tourism service line. The information she shares comes from more than 35 years of hands-on experience, trial and error, and helping medical and dental tourism startups, investors and their government oversight agencies in more than 100 countries.

“Writing this book was not about getting rich on book sales,” Todd explains. Truth be told, at this price point, pays an author around USD$ 4-6 per copy in royalty payments when you pay for the book. In essence, that’s less than the cost of a cappuccino at Starbucks to pick a global expert’s brain about how to launch a medical or dental tourism startup. It is a price everyone can afford. But to make it even more affordable, Todd enabled sharing through the Kindle Unlimited program. This means that anyone with a Kindle Unlimited membership can read the book as part of their membership benefit at no additional cost.

Todd hopes that in return for making the price point accessible and providing value to the industry, that readers will read it and leave a thoughtful comment on the most valuable tidbit they discovered in the contents of the book in return.  And that if they later decide that they could use the advice of a seasoned medical or dental tourism expert, that they will call upon her for assistance after they’ve done all they can for themselves and reach a point where outside expertise can boost them to the next level.

The book is only available through (ASIN B07FSVF34M)

Dr Maria Todd is a globally renowned expert in medical and dental tourism
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