5 Creative Back to School Fundraising Ideas

(Isstories Editorial):- Chicago, Jul 20, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – Once the summer vacations are over and children are back to school, it is a challenge to get all your activities going and attain your goals. The sources of income of a school are usually not enough to meet all the expenses. One needs to think beyond the box and come up with some great school fundraising ideas to tap into the limited amount of funds and attention out there.

Here are a few creative back to school fundraising ideas which could help you raise a lot of donations.


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You could talk to a local band and tie up with them. Sell tickets for the concert among your supporters and anyone who would want to attend. This will help you to collect a lot of funds. Educate the people present at the concert about your cause and ask them to make a donation.

School Fundraising Tool

A school fundraising tool like the one provided by GiveCentral would help you to take advantage of a well-developed crowdfunding tool. It could also help you to create a roadmap for a targeted, measurable fundraising campaign for all your classroom needs.

Auction off Experiences

It is special for kids to have a unique experience with their teachers. Kids love it and their parents would willingly pay for it. You could either auction off such experiences at an event by keeping a silent bid with their parents or sell a raffle ticket for each item. Experiences like getting special game time with the sports teacher, having lunch with one of your teachers, reading the morning announcements, etc.

Ask Parents for a Donation

All the activities that you are planning for your school and all your goals have a direct bearing in the future of the kids. Who better to ask for a donation than the parents themselves? Let it be completely voluntary and only those who have the financial resources and the will to donate come forward. Send a handwritten letter articulating all your goals and why a donation from them could help you in serving their kids better.

Eat and Earn

You could tie up with a local restaurant and invite people to a dining night where a portion of the proceeds would be donated to your school. You just need to spread the word about the dining night and families just show up to eat.

These are a few back to school fundraising ideas which could help you raise a lot of donations. Keeping it fun and creative is the key. Make sure that your donors are interested in your cause by articulating your goals well.

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