Get Pumped Up With the Music Video ‘Closer to the Breaking Point’ By J.Tyler

(Isstories Editorial):- Brighton, Jul 17, 2018 ( – Music is like a dream and it evokes great emotion. Without music, life would be impossible and so the great singer J.Tyler has come with his super interesting music video Closer to the breaking point on YouTube. The video begins with an animation clip about belonging of life. They speak about dreams and the persuasion. Then the music starts with the rapper himself. His song has the sad kind of note which will easily connect you towards the video. If you have not yet heard the video you must do it now by visiting YouTube.

The presence of a special kind of musical arrangement has made the video more exclusive. The video is displayed in the most colourful way and you will like it. J.Tyler realized his love for singing at the age of 9 and he started to build a good connection from that time. His music has a smooth mixture of alternative rock, hip-hop and it is one of his best discoveries. He is also available on Twitter and SoundCloud. The video of Closer to the breaking point defines how to find solace in your pain. The whole thing is properly displayed with hooks and music. If you want to get his incredible music video you must turn towards YouTube.

The video is perfect for all music enthusiasts and you will get attracted to it. He also demonstrates that every day is a struggle but you need to get out of it by having faith in yourself. The song and the video complement each other. The musical elements will boost you up. The location set in the clip is also coordinating with the video. He also states that life is a boon and you should be grateful for it. You should always look forward to something new. The production and the video developments will nourish your soul. The whole video from beginning till the end is engrossing.

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