Adult Romance Company Intimate Tickles Saved From Death by Social Bug.

(Isstories Editorial):- Columbia, Jul 18, 2018 ( – Intimate Tickles LLC, an adult romance home party plan company, this week launched their new business back office and bid a fond farewell to their previous marketing application built and maintained by MLM-socialbug. Intimate Tickles estimates that the SocialBug application cost them over $10,000 in lost revenue and was directly responsible for loss of members due to frustration and lack of trust in the application. Intimate Tickles new marketing and business application was built with a combination of in-house Technical Director Derek Brown, and an IT outsourcing company, NeoSoftTech.

Party plan back office software can cost upwards of $250-$400,000, a difficult investment to swallow for a small start-up company. About 2 years ago, Intimate Tickles considered themselves very lucky to have found a back-office platform that not only tied into their existing eCommerce platform but did not require a huge start-up cost to implement. It only took a month to realize the old adage, you get what you pay for – and sometimes much much less.

“To go into all the problems would eat up way more time than we have. Let’s just say we’ve got 143 tickets in the system since we got started 2 years ago, and we pretty much stopped submitting them sometime last year. They just STOPPED charging sales tax, and we had to pay extra for them to add invoices! How do you do business without invoices?” – Derek Brown, Technical Director of Intimate Tickles

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On or around April 2017, the number 1 online sales tax compliance service did an upgrade to their API. 99% of all eCommerce components upgraded their connections where needed. SocialBug not only did NOT upgrade their system, they also did not tell anyone that their system would no longer be charging sales tax. When Intimate Tickles accountants noticed they had fallen behind on sales tax compliance, they reported the problem to SocialBug.

“At that time we were told that they would be integrating TaxCloud by end of the year,” Reports N. Jameson, Intimate Tickles lead accountant. “But then, around October, they sent us an email asking us for $300 to integrate the service”

Intimate Tickles new business back-office, StormeCloud, went live just last week and has transformed the daily business of all of their consultants. The new system integrates a support system, email, lead management, extensive marketing elements, a learning centre (Tickle U[niversity]), Sales & Products statistics, and so much more.

“Knowing at a glance what my top selling products are is just good business knowledge,” Says J. Valencia, Intimate Tickles Consultant & Training Services Expert. “Opening and closing a party is now simple and intuitive. This has literally cut my party management time in half!”

Every page and section of StormeCloud comes with both an interactive walk thru and a video tutorial, cutting down on phone support time needed and leaving the Intimate Tickles programming team more time to continue to develop and add new features to the new back end.

Along with the new business back office, Intimate Tickles has also launched their Spa Products Only and Lingerie shopping centre to accompany the Main and BDSM only shopping centres. This gives their consultants an industry first four shopping centres to promote. At a time where 2 of the 5 major adult romance companies have closed their doors, Intimate Tickles is positioning themselves to join the remaining players as a leader in the adult romance home party plan arena.

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