Custom Engagement Rings at Factory Prices from Most Sought After Diamond Jeweler in Dallas, Texas

(Isstories Editorial):- Dallas, Jul 16, 2018 ( – Diamond Factory Dallas is pleased to present their handcrafted fine jewelry at factory prices. The company also takes pleasure in announcing that Barry Adler, the owner and CEO of this company has been nominated for the International Jewelry Design. Barry who has been a renowned jewelry designer since 1993 leaves no diamond unturned to offer the very best to his clients. They take pride in following the concept of From Factory to Finger which means that they control every stage of the creation process of a custom engagement ring. They give their customers the very best of diamonds that can be traced back to the mine.

Diamonds are some of the most expensive stones and there is a myth that only the lavish can afford them. Diamond Factory Dallas breaks all barriers and myths when it comes to owning a diamond. The store offers quality diamonds at factory prices. Designing a custom engagement ring is as simple as choosing a diamond, picking a setting, and the designers will do the rest. With experienced and talented diamond cutters in the factory, the team helps the customers be their own jewelry designers. One can create a bespoke diamond ring in just three easy steps: Choose the ring style; choose the setting; and most important, choose the diamond. There are very few sites that let the customers do the talking but here at Diamond Factory Dallas, every customer becomes a designer.

Customers who desire added assistance or help while getting their custom made jewelry, the professional in-house jewelry designers will guide them throughout the process. If you can envision it, they can create it. One can create a custom engagement ring with GIA graded diamonds available at factory prices. Diamond Factory Dallas also offers a wide range of bespoke one-of-a-kind fine jewelry ranging from bracelets to statement rings, earrings to necklaces, watches and more. Customers can be assured that they are getting their jewelry designed by the finest and the best jewelry designers in Dallas.

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Diamond Factory Dallas, based at Dallas, Texas is a jewelry store that specializes in bespoke one-of-a-kind fine jewelry and custom engagement rings. With diamond cutters in the factory premises, the entire process of a custom diamond ring is handled right here.

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