The Broken Badge by Col. KL Williams, Ph. D

(Isstories Editorial):- Seattle, Jul 6, 2018 ( – BUILD BRIDGES NOT WALLS – New Book Mends the Relationship Between Law Enforcement and Everyday Citizens

How can we mend the national trust in law enforcement that once presided over the United States? Now more than ever, citizens are searching for people to trust, to look up to, and to be a role model for the safety of the future.

While the country seeks officers to bridge the relations between the police force and everyday people, its proven to be no easy task. Experienced Law Enforcement Officer and author Col. KL Williams is combatting this problem in his new book The Broken Badge: Re-thinking Police & Community Relations in America [June 15th, 2018].

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As a police officer, it has always been my goal to work with communities and police officers to find solutions to very challenging police-community relations issues, Col. Williams states. It is very important to lead by example. In todays communities, we find a lack of trust and respect toward police officers on a day-to-day basis. Because of this, I have worked diligently as a police trainer to instill in all officers a sense of confidence and knowledge needed in the challenging and dangerous field of law enforcement.

In addition to general police training and recruitment, Col. Williams has trained officers in topics including racially and culturally biased policing, judgment and discretion with accountability, defensive tactics, and improving community and police involvement. He has also reached out to community organizations by holding services specific to civil rights and building awareness of how to exercise those rights. His community outreach expertise includes know your rights workshops, profiling, re-building the relationship with officers, what biased policing is self-defense and leadership development.

Speaking from a place of experience, The Broken Badge emphasizes that police culture must evolve by taking action. The first step is recognizing that there is an issue and then addressing it with open arms. This book comes after Williams has traveled from coast to coast, holding town hall meetings and facilitating community workshops. His work has even been seen on CNN and HBO.

Most citizens in the community seek answers to the challenges that exist between them and their local law enforcement, The Broken Badge author claims. It is my hope that this book will serve as an opportunity for law enforcement officers and the citizens they serve to work diligently towards building bridges and not walls.

Col. KL Williams is the current Director of the Institute of Justice & Accountability and the Director of the Institute of Tactical Neutralization Techniques, Inc. He has over 30 years of experience as a Law Enforcement Officer, having functioned as Chief of Police, Police Academy Trainer, Patrolman, Detective, and Emergency Management Consultant. Col. Williams currently holds 17 different certifications and positions involving law enforcement, instructing, and educating. He has been awarded both the POST Law Enforcement Instructor of the Year Missouri Award and the NAACP Arizona Man of the Year Award.

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