“The Prudent Warrior” Takes Guess Work Out Of Self-Defense Products

(Isstories Editorial):- Fayetteville, Jul 4, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – Mr. Ronald E. Bell is pleased to announce the launch of “The Prudent Warrior,” an online store offering self-defense, crime prevention, safety and security products.   It’s web address is http://www.theprudentwarrior.com .  The Prudent Warrior’s mission is to provide top quality merchandise matched by excellent customer service. 

Self-Defense product offerings have evolved from the day when consumers purchased or received by mail items offering little in the way of instruction or education on it’s appropriate to use.  In the past self-defense product retailers focused primarily on what results in a specific weapon or device produced in thwarting an attack.  For instance, the selling point for pepper spray might be that it stops an attacker by causing pain, inflammation of the eyes, nose and upper respiratory system when applied; but applied where and how?  Little emphasis was placed on educating the buyer as to how, where or when to deploy the device safely and effectively.

Recently, a series of unique and innovative “kits” have answered the call for more detailed product education and instruction.  Our trademarked “SafeFamilyLife Defense Kits” combine select self-defense products with instructional DVDs, manuals, and reports.  A sampling of the kits includes Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit, Extreme College Survival Kit, Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit, Ultimate Personal Safety Kit For Women, Being Safe At Home Survival Kit, Ultimate Office Safety and Security Kit.  These kits have something for everyone interested in protecting themselves or the ones they love.  These kits provide consumers with the information, education, motivation, resources and highest quality affordable products they need to create a safe family life when at home, while traveling, for their children away at school, or for their senior parents living alone. 

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During tough economic times, more and more people tend to be concerned about their safety.  Unfortunately, people are not very knowledgeable when it comes to how to protect themselves, their families or their property. ” The Prudent Warrior” seeks to fill the gap between what you do know and what you need to meet the challenges of crime prevention, self-defense, safety, and security. 

The Prudent Warrior”  boasts a broad array of self-defense products including stun gunspepper sprayspersonal alarms, family and home protection, diversion safes, Taser electronic control devices, blowguns, SafeFamilyLife defense kits, instructional fighting DVDs, security scanners and more.

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