Golden Hibiscus Foods and Drinks Limited launches the Treats Hibiscus Drink

(Isstories Editorial):- London, Jul 4, 2018 ( – Golden Hibiscus Foods and Drinks Limited has announced the launch of its new drink Treats Hibiscus Drink, available in two exciting flavours of ginger and cinnamon. The healthy dink is made to provide all the health and refreshing benefits of the popular hibiscus plant in a unique and exciting way.

The unhealthy habit of having a treat of sugary, unhealthy, and fizzy drinks has led to different health issues across the globe. The increasing incidence of obesity and diabetes across different age groups worldwide is a testament to the unhealthy dietary habit that has engulfed the world. Treats Hibiscus Drink is however offering a healthy yet fun alternative, treating the body inside and out.

Unlike many other drinks, Treats Hibiscus Drink offers a sweet, delicious, and satisfying experience without the guilt that comes with fizzy drinks. Made with natural ingredients including hibiscus, ginger, clove and cinnamon, the drink provides the health-enhancing benefits that these organic ingredients are known for.

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Several researches have revealed the several health benefits of hibiscus, some of which include lowering the blood pressure, boosting the bodys immune system, easing inflammation, and protecting the liver and kidneys. These and many more are what Treats Hibiscus Drink tends to offer drinkers.

Treats Hibiscus Drink is available in 500ml and 250ml bottles and can be found on the website, with a free shipping offer on all items. Distributors and stores across the UK are also invited to be a part of the healthy revolution.

Treats Hibiscus Drink is also available across different social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

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