Amit Bagaria publishes his 2nd Book

(Isstories Editorial):- Bengaluru, Jul 3, 2018 ( – Noted nonfiction Author Amit Bagaria, whose first book: 1914: NaMo or MoNa, is already making wavers in India, has published a second book titled Demythsifying Myths. This book attempts to deconstruct 18 myths we have all grown up believing as we grew up in India.

Here is what some reviews on the book:

The four and a half hours read changed my views about many things spoon-fed into our mind from childhood days. The book, as the name suggests, demythsified many myths with concise but great insights about many leaders and important events in history about which we were taught half-truths to make someone look better. Not only it answers many inconvenient questions but will also make you ponder about many things like the problem with Indias electoral system and the mysterious deaths in Indian political history. A must-read book to know about the real Indian politics, History books are full of lies. I being so much involved in reading about politics didnt know many things. The book is very well researched and all the important topics are covered. Great insights. Really loved it! 

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This masterclass from Amit Bagaria provides a refreshing and new perspective on the most important and game changing events in India’s past. It makes you stop, think about and question everything you’ve learned through the years. This book gives one insight into an alternate reality than the one we’ve been fed through our school history books, the media and politicians – from little known facts about Gandhi to the astonishing ineffectiveness of our parliamentary governance and electoral systems. It’s definitely an eye opener and a must read for anyone that wishes to have a holistic picture of our nation and its real history.

As a school student, I always mugged up those paragraphs that I didn’t understand. Some of them I genuinely didn’t absorb and on some of them I had questions which I never bothered to ask anybody or was afraid that I would be reprimanded in my class. This reading of Amit s book gives all those perspectives I should have had. I wish I had this as a reference book. Very simple reading. Devoid of any Tharoor kind of language, this book has exactly provided me of what I wanted to know. I am sure people will exclaim, “Oh yeah, exactly what I was thinking, but didn’t know how to write!”

Demystifying 18 myths about India by Amit Bagaria is a plot-twist on Indian political history as it cracks open many myths currently presented as facts to us Indians that we may or may not have questioned earlier. Amit presents a very candid yet powerful perspective on how Indians have been fooled for decades to blindly believe in Gandhi and Nehru legacy. This book throws light on how history has been pleasantly distorted to create popular beliefs that have not served India well. As I read this book, some of my own political beliefs about Independent India and its popular leaders have been shattered completely… so be prepared to face moments of truth as you progress through chapters of this book. I urge you to allow yourself to get absolutely thrilled by this book in which Amit has unfolded historical politics in a new light.

The absolute truth! In the case of most Indians, a lot of unquestionable information has been drilled into us and we have been forbidden to question the same. If ever, there was an alternate thought, it was hushed up saying – but that is not what History says.  However, this book has brought all those thoughts and questions to the surface. It makes me wonder if we really the people who need to be told the contradictory point even though our minds nudge us to believe otherwise.  This book has dealt with various issues and has smacked the Indian Political world on its bottom. It helps lift the veil of questions that have been unanswered for so long. The author has done in-depth research on separating fact from fiction and that is commendable in the India of today. It is a very well written book and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to take a breath of fresh air in this tamasha-heavy Indian political circus.

Demythsifying Myths is an amazing chronicling of Indian History, Politics, Religion, Culture and Geographies. It takes a stand on what it means to be Indian, by quelling Myths about all things Indian. An eye opener in its unquestioning, unapologetic cross examination of the deeds of Indian Politicians, Leaders, Thinkers, and Intellectuals. If you did not study Indian History beyond 10th grade you never learned the history of India. The chronicling of Indian history stops in 1950, this is a mammoth discovery into the vast beyond.

An exhilarating effort which not only demystifies many of the myths perpetrated by powers that be over the years, but also questions the status quo in the system of governance in India vis-à-vis the western world. The book raises some valid questions which merit attention, answers to which could well usher in a debate on where we are and where we are headed, as a nation. A powerful rendition indeed!

Amit Bagaria’s third book of 2018, OK Tata, is under publishing, and he has already finished writing his fourth book.

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