Aditya Powar announces his second novel: I’ll Make it Happen

(Isstories Editorial):- Mumbai, Jul 4, 2018 ( – One of the most awaited authors by genre he writes announced on Friday the title of his next book, Ill Make it Happen.

Powar took to Twitter to make the announcement which was accompanied by a Cover for his upcoming book. Happy to share that my next book is called Ill Make it Happen! The Book Cover is here! he tweeted.

On Contrary to his previous debut novel, This also would be a love story, the author said.

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Other from writing, the author is also actively involved in filmmaking and is currently pursuing his filmmaking degree from Akkineni Nagarjunas Annapurna International School of Film and Media.

Aditya comes from a Marathi family based in Kolhapur, India. His life incidents made him write beautiful inspirational stories which would make others aware of life. Aditya also announced three more books by 2022 of which two will be Fantasy sequels.

Powar is busy with his upcoming movie production, which made him delay the book release. As per the reports, the book was to be released in Feb 2018. The author is all set to release his second book Fall 2019 with Aditya Publications, India. This would be later published internationally though, initially, the digital versions would be available all over the globe.

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